Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C3 Review – The finest Carbon Matrix Fishing Reel

One of the top brands that are known for their fishing aid is Abu Garcia. The latest product from them, the Abu Garcia C3 Ambassadeur Baitcast Fishing Reel has been crafted with absolute simplicity, so that the fishers can make out the best out of it, at all weather conditions.

Carbon Matrix drag system of the reel makes it simple yet a smoother dragging effect is confirmed. Consistent dragging makes fishing much easier and this knowledge is very much there with one of the best brands to work for fishing aids for years. The precise form of casting and finely outlined line-lay makes the item one of the top-rated one in the entire market.

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C3

Excellent Dragging Effect 

Outstanding bent handle made firmly with a metal boy makes dragging much easier and smoother for the users. This Abu Garcia C3 Ambassadeur Spinning Reel has been engineered with perfect care to give the fishers an experience that cannot be explained in words.

As the reel will be used, one thing will prominently come up in the user’s mind – retrieve in this device is just awesome. Carbon Matrix that has been used at the dragging part makes the item excellent for dragging a weight till 15 lb. So, what to think about, just enjoying your fishing with this lovely censored and compiled engineering product.

Casting Like Anything 

Engineered with ultimate usefulness, cranking handle and bait-casting format of the reel is efficient for long casting. You can cast with this Abu Garcia C3 Ambassadeur Six-pin Fishing Reel to a distance of up to 320 yards. Not only the distance here makes the perfect sense, but the perfection that you will get from the reel is also wonderful to be experienced.

Angler of the device has been designed with such hardcore perfection that, you will never miss out the perfection of casting, even when you are fishing in some unpredicted windy weather condition. The device has been prepared in such a way that it is neither a heavy weighted one nor even lighter so much that you will miss proper casting during bad weather. The pressure that you need during casting is well exerted with the six-pinned brake that acts centrifugally. 

Anti-Reversing Ease 

Reversing the reel automatically is the default configuration that comes with a device. In this fishing reel, there are altogether 4 ball bearings, each made of stainless steel. Three of them are readied to reverse your reel, but the fourth one is a roller bear and that is connected with a key at the body part.

This roller bearing of Abu Garcia C3 Ambassadeur Fishing Reel is dedicated to stopping your reversing instantly. Thus anti-reversing effect that you will get from the device is much better styled and perfected towards achieving what you need by simple means. 

Body Cover Ensures the Quality 

Things can be very good inside, but the difference is created by the body of the reel. It is not the case of looks of the reel, but the longevity and durability of the device. The Abu Garcia C3 Ambassadeur Baitcast Fishing Reel has been configured in a way from outside that saltwater cannot enter inside, by any means.

So, you can use the reel for fishing in saltwater as well as in the freshwater. Outstanding aluminium rotor cover, carbon made a casing and stainless steel rollers make the body such that the device is protected from everything. The casing of the reel, as is not only made from aluminium, is a little bit weighty and that controls the casting finely. On the other hand, the casing, as it contains carbon, is not too heavy for your fishing. It weighs around 9.2 oz – so it is on the lower side, while the weight of the reel is considered.


  • Excellent Casting ability of the reel makes it a different product n the entire market. Casting here can range till 320 yards and that is one of the best among all the products.
  • It is not only the fact that you can cast long, but the perfection of the casting is the best aspect of the entire thing. The Abu Garcia C3 Carbon Matrix Spinning Reel can be used to cast with perfection for the outstanding control that is burdened by the brake and the curved handle of the device.
  • Dragging effect of the device is just awesome. The reel can be used for dragging both for freshwater fishes as well as saltwater fishes. With the device, a maximum of 15 lbs can easily be dragged to your boat.
  • Casing and cover of the device make it bit heavier than other similar products in the market, but the casing ultimately protects the device from saltwater and at the same time provides the necessary weight that helps the item to be used for fishing and casting during bad weather too.
  • The excellent anti-reversing function is another great feature in this device. With the item, dragging and reversing is smoothened, especially by the three stainless steel ball bearings, but the single roller bearing makes the difference in the item from the other products. The roller bearing has been connected with a stainless steel key outside, which helps in stopping the reversing process.


  • The weight of the item is a bit more than normally expected. The general expectation of weight that can stand under any weather condition is 8 oz, but this one is 9.3 oz, that creates a small difference.
  • The device is not having any line clicker. The line is released by a button at the center of the rotor. Many times, users face disturbances in that, as normally the case is just a reverse of it.
Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C3 Review – The finest Carbon Matrix Fishing Reel

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C3

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C3

Combining smooth drag with a durable, finely crafted design.

FAQs About Abu Garcia C3 Ambassadeur Reel

How far the device can cast?

The device can cast till a distance of 60 metres. However, everything depends on your practice.

Does the Abu Garcia C3 Ambassadeur Reel have a line clicker?

No, the device has no line clicker. The line has to be controlled through the button that is attached at the center of the rotor.

Can the device be used in saltwater?

Yes, the device can be used both in saltwater and also in freshwater.


Abu Garcia being one of the renowned brands to prepare fishing aids and engineering products, its products are often viewed with a different eye. The Abu Garcia C3 Reel is one such product, which is ideal to be bookmarked. Excellent and long casting feature, improvised dragging support and excellent saltwater body of the device makes it one of the best available product in the market. in terms of buying decision, if you rely on this product, you are not going to make any mistake at all.

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Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C3 Review – The finest Carbon Matrix Fishing Reel

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C3 Review

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