Berkley Inshore Spinning Rod Review


Berkley is one of the brands that are highly regarded by anglers looking for excellent quality fishing gear. This Berkley Inshore Spinning Rod is among the best products from the brand.

It has a beautifully crafted design and grip that is going to work for both beginners and experts. The alignment of the fishing rod is excellent making it a well designed lightweight fishing rod. This rod is one of the best for inshore fishing. Just attach to it a perfect inshore applicable fishing reel and start pulling them in.

Bestseller No. 1
Berkley BSLR701M Lightning Spinning Rod
  • 24 Ton Multi Modulus Carbon Composite Blank Construction
  • Stainless Steel Guides with Aluminum Oxide Inserts
  • Double Up Locking Reel Seat

Berkley Inshore Spinning Rod Review

Let’s dive into the review of this fishing rod.

Dragging and Casting Ability

It is not the fishing rod but the fishing reel that gives the direct support to you in terms of dragging or casting or even cranking. However, your fishing reel can be of the best quality, but if it is not coupled with a proper fishing rod, then you are not going to get an optimal result from the entire fishing system.

The best possible fishing rod is something that is going to give perfectly balanced support to the user when they attach to it the best reel. The Berkley inshore fishing rod has aluminum oxide edges that will help you to bend the rod to a great elevation, while you cast at a distance.

Body and Gripping Ease 

The body of the majority of fishing rods is built with aero-glass and they are hollow on the inside. This makes the fishing rod more durable and perfectly balanced. However, looking at the durability of the item is not everything. It is the strength of the rod that is also important.

Often this is overlooked. In this Berkley inshore HQ spinning rod the focus has been on the balance more than anything else. It has a carbon body and there lies the secret of its light weight plus the inside part of the rod is made hollow intentionally for two reasons – the first one is, of course, its weight, but the second one is for the balancing quality.

The grip is another part of a fishing rod that especially concerns a beginner. However, it is not that the professionals are not concerned about this. In fact, gripping ease is something that stops the occurrence of slippage and also adds extra balance to the fishing rod. This Berkley inshore HQ fishing rod has rubber and synthetic mixed gripping material, made extra long to support deep dragging. Due to the material used in the grip, the corrosion it faces is also greatly reduced.

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Single Rod Adds Efficiency 

Many rods are made in two parts. The beginners feel that the two parts will allow them to adjust the length of the rod and that will assist with short casting.

Rods made in two parts will allow the rod to bend during deep dragging and this ultimately reduces its efficiency.This Berkley inshore spinning rod has a single stick, shortened and made firm at the target. So, you will never feel that your dragging force is reduced.


  • The best part of the fishing rod is of course in the material that has been used in its construction. Since Graphite has been used , the efficiency is increased in the rod and at the same time, the durability of the rod is much more than many other rods. In fact, this rod can remain with you for a lifetime
  • The rod is made in one part and not two. Hence it is going to give you support to apply more dragging force onto it.
  • The shape of the reel sheet in Berkley’s inshore high-end fishing rod is ergonomically placed so the reel remains firm on it.
  • The rubber handle of the rod has been designed with synthetic material added to allow extra pressure on the rod and good balance.


  • The rod is made from a single stick which makes it firm when using the drag
  • The rod is suitable to be used in on-shore conditions only, and not in the off-shore areas.

Video Review

If you want to see some more information about this rod, then please watch this video from Lake Commandos from the ICAST 2014 event:

Berkley Inshore Spinning Rod

Bestseller No. 1
Berkley BSLR701M Lightning Spinning Rod
  • 24 Ton Multi Modulus Carbon Composite Blank Construction
  • Stainless Steel Guides with Aluminum Oxide Inserts
  • Double Up Locking Reel Seat

FAQs About Berkley Inshore Spinning Rod

What is the weight of the fishing rod?

The weight of the rod is 12 oz.

What is the actual length of this rod?

The actual length of this Berkley inshore high-speed spinning rod is 6 ft.

Does the device have two parts in it?

No, the device is having a single stick only.

What is the material used in the device body?

The material used in the body is graphite.


Among the different brands that produce fishing rods, Berkley is one of the names that is preferred by the professionals as well as beginners. This Berkley inshore high-speed fishing rod is one such product with ultimate features to enhance the quality of your fishing experience.

Particularly strong, this rod has all the qualities to make it one of the most preferred items for the professional anglers, as well as for the beginners.

If you want to make sure your rod stays safe during transit then consider getting a rod sock to protect it from scratches.

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