Best 10 Fishing Dry Bags to Protect Your Valuables

Dry bags are one of the most important accessories for fishing, camping, kayaking and other related activities. If we mainly talk about fishing, a dry bag keeps your catch safe and doesn’t allow the blood and guts to get all over other things, thus prevents a big mess.

Not just your catches, you can also use these dry bags to keep your fishing gear and other essentials safe from water.

So, having a good quality dry bag is definitely a must-have on your fishing trip.

But choosing the right dry bag can be a bit tricky as there is a wide range available in the market. Also, not every bag is worth your money. To help you choose the best product and to save your time and money, we are here with a complete fishing dry bag buyers guide.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive in!

What is a Dry Bag?

A dry bag is a type of bag that is designed in such a way that not a single drop of water gets inside. In simple words, it is a completely waterproof bag. Even if you let it float in the water for months, no water can enter inside. It is achieved in two ways, first, the bag is constructed using completely waterproof and non-breathable material. All the holes of the fabric are closed by laminating it with PVC. Even the sewing is done in such a way that it doesn’t create any holes. They are usually made from heavy-duty PVC tarpaulin and nylon fabric.

Coming to the size, you can get them mostly in three sizes, 5L,15 L and 30L.

How To Choose The Right Fishing Dry Bag?

There are a number of things that you should keep in mind while selecting the right dry bag for yourself.

Before making a purchase ask yourself the following questions :

What Dry Bag Size Should I Purchase? How Much Gear Do I Need To Carry In It?

Now, obviously, if you’re going for a longer trip and need to carry more gear, you will need a large and spacious dry bag. On the other hand, if you’re not carrying a lot of gear and going on regular weekend fishing, a small and compact dry bag will be enough for you.

The Size

Generally, dry bags come in a number of sizes. They range from 2 liter compact bags to super large 30,50,70 and even 90 liter bags. However, the most useful sizes range from 5L to 50L.

Naturally, bigger dry bags will allow you to store more gear and essential stuff but they tend to become very heavy due to hefty storage and are difficult to transport as well. Buy them only if you’re intended to transport using a vehicle, these bags can’t be carried on your shoulder.

On the other hand, smaller bags allow you to keep a few essential things but are very easy to transport. You can carry them on your shoulders without worrying about the heaviness. So, get a bag according to the availability of transport.

Material And Production Quality

Another important thing to keep in mind while purchasing a dry bag is the quality of material and the method of construction. The good thing is, most of the dry bags these days are made using excellent quality material and using the standard production process. So, even an average bag will work decently. But still, there are a few factors to consider:

If you want to purchase a dry bag that will last for years, look for the one made with heavy-duty, durable material and constructed using welded seams. Avoid buying the nylon bags if you’re intended to use them as standalone bags.

But if you’re okay with providing a little protection to your dry bag by keeping it inside another bag or backpack, nylon will work for you.

Extra Features Of Dry Bags

Availability of Pockets

Pockets are the most useful parts of the bags. They let you organize your things in a better way and prevent the creation of a huge mess. Dry bags feature internal as well as external pockets. While internal pockets offer you with separate compartments to organize your stuff, external pockets help you to keep the gear you need very handy. Generally, the external pockets aren’t waterproof but still, the presence of external pockets offers you additional space. You can keep the things that you don’t mind getting wet a little bit. You can keep your water bottle, drinks etc in these pockets.

Carrying Straps

If you’re likely to carry your dry bag yourself then it is very important to look for the one with a good-quality and padded carrying strap. A good idea is to look for the removable straps, means you can take them out when you’re not carrying your bag on your shoulder. Some bag straps are interchangeable, you can use them as shoulder bags or backpacks.

Handles, D Rings, External Loops

A majority of dry bags come with multiple D rings. Look for the D rings that are solid and made from plastic so that they don’t get damaged by saltwater. These can be used for attaching the bag to kayaks, boats or even bikes.

Similarly, external loop allows you to tie the bag to your boat or things to your bag.

The handles should be very sturdy and offer a nice grip. This is extremely important if you’re buying a large dry bag.

External Net

Bungee cord or external net allows you to store wet gear outside your bag so that it won’t wet the dry things kept inside. These are great as you don’t need to use two different bags for keeping the dry and wet things separately.

Reflective Print

If you’re intended to use the bag during nights, look for the one with reflective print so that you can spot it even in the dark.

Best 10 Dry Bags [This Month]

Bestseller No. 1
Piscifun Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack 10L Floating Dry Backpack with Waterproof Phone Case for Water...
  • DURABLE & WATERPROOF - Made of rugged, flexible, and fully waterproof 500D PVC to easily withstand abuse from the wilderness.
  • UNIQUE INNOVATIVE DESIGN– Features an adjustable padded strap for comfortable carrying, outer mesh pocket that gives you room for non-dry storage, elastic rope for holding clothing or accessories....
  • STRONGER SEAL CONSTRUCTED - Fully welded seams result in a stronger, more durable waterproof construction as opposed to traditional sewn-and-taped seams. Solid roll-top closure makes it easy to...
Bestseller No. 2
KastKing Cyclone Seal Dry Bag - Best-in-Class 100% Waterproof Bag with Phone Case Front Zippered...
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION DRY BAG - Designed for active water sports and dusty environments the KastKIng Cyclone Seal dry bag is rugged, flexible, and abrasion resistant. A super strong and abrasion...
  • WATERPROOF PROTECTION – The KastKing Cyclone Dry Bag seal system provides an extra layer of PVC to ensure a best-in-class waterproof seal on a dry storage bag. Gives you total piece of mind to...
  • HEAVY DUTY - Tough, resilient Spider buckle will in not fatigue and break. Heavy duty self-locking clips will hold oversize loads. Cyclone waterproof bag buckles and clips are made of heavy-duty nylon...
Bestseller No. 3
KastKing Floating Waterproof Dry Bag, Orange Dry Bag Combo, 10L
2,924 Reviews
KastKing Floating Waterproof Dry Bag, Orange Dry Bag Combo, 10L
  • Innovative Transparent Window Design: You will love the clear see-through window panel that allows you to see what gear is inside your dry bag without unpacking.
  • Double Layer Gives Extra Security: Tough, durable 100% waterproof 500D PVC material, fusion welded seams, removable adjustable shoulder carry strap make it a great compression dry sack. Unique...
  • Never worry about dropping it in water or water getting in. Unique water-tight DOUBLE overlap roll top provides the best-in-class waterproof performance. Use a versatile KastKing Dry Bag for camera,...
Bestseller No. 4
Earth Pak -Waterproof Dry Bag - Roll Top Dry Compression Sack Keeps Gear Dry for Kayaking, Beach,...
  • RELIABLE PROTECTION: We believe our earth pak dry bags are the best out there--bar none. These dry bags are meant to last for years and provide waterproof protection for even the most rugged users.
  • SHOULDER STRAP: 10L & 20L dry bags come with a 24-42 Inch single shoulder strap. 30L, 40L, and 55L waterproof backpacks are equipped with backpack style shoulder straps that also come with a sternum...
  • IPX8 CERTIFIED WATERPROOF PHONE CASE: We have included our IPX8 Certified 6.5 Inch waterproof phone case that will fit even the largest of phones. This case features a very simple snap and lock access...
ON SALE $47.13 OFFBestseller No. 5
EGO Kryptek TPU Tactical Dry Bag, Fishing Backpack with Camo Tech, Waterproof with Welded Seams,...
  • MADE STRONG-Using the latest in dry bag fabric technology, the TPU fabric has strong abrasion resistance & shear strength, resistant to cold weather cracking
  • ROLL TOP- Zippered closure keeps your items dry and safe when the bag is rolled up and latched
  • G-HOOK – Closure system offers quick access and long lasting hardware to keep your items secure
ON SALE $6.72 OFFBestseller No. 6
Mustad Dry Duffle Bag 50L, Water-Resistant 500-Denier Tarpaulin, Zippered Main Compartment,...
  • Water-resistant and Durable - Made with 500 Denier water-resistant Tarpaulin to keep the bag's contents dry
  • Convenient and Practical - Features an easy-adjust padded shoulder strap, and a practical one-handed carry handle
  • 50L Capacity - Ample room for clothing, camera, mobile, navigator and all the fishing gear you need for a weekend trip
Bestseller No. 7
Mustad Dry Bag , Water-resistant 500-Denier Tarpaulin, with Padded Shoulder Straps, 18 inches,...
  • Water-resistant and Durable - Made with 500 Denier water-resistant Tarpaulin to keep the bag's contents dry
  • Convenient and Practical - Features an easy-adjust padded shoulder strap, and a practical one-handed carry handle
  • 28L Capacity - Ample room for clothing, camera, mobile, navigator and all the fishing gear you need for a weekend trip
ON SALE $14.17 OFFBestseller No. 8
Mustad Dry Backpack 30L, Water-resistant 500-Denier Tarpaulin, Easy-Adjust Shoulder Straps...
  • Plenty of Storage - The Dry Backpack is a practical, water-resistant roll top backpack with plenty of room for clothing, camera, mobile, navigator and all the fishing gear you need for a daytrip
  • Water-resistant and Durable - 500 Denier Tarpaulin water-resistant material, sealed seams, mesh bottle pocket, click lock strap closure
  • Comfort and Convenience - This durable backpack features a water-resistant outside zipper, comfortable padded straps and a breathable mesh lower back
Bestseller No. 9
BW Sports Tackle Water Proof Dry Bag - DT-1002
  • KEEPS GEAR DRY - Main compartment keeps items dry in wet conditions, made from a rugged 19 oz. waterproof fabric with heat sealed seams and waterproof zipper
  • FEATURES - Two (2) internal hanging pockets for smaller items and Two (2) water resistant outside large zipper pockets for easy accessed items
  • ANGLERS RAFTERS KAYAKERS & HUNTERS – Insure your gear is protected from harsh wet environments, perfect for keeping your essentials dry and easy to get to
Bestseller No. 10
Earth Pak- Waterproof Dry Bag with Front Zippered Pocket Keeps Gear Dry for Kayaking, Beach,...
  • ALL-WEATHER PROTECTION: Constructed from heavy duty 500D PVC for high performance, durability, and protection. All seams are thermowelded shut to provide a watertight seal to ensure your gear stays...
  • EASY ACCESS FRONT POCKET: The outer splash-proof zippered pocket makes it easy to grab your smaller belongings without having to unroll the top main compartment. Perfect for storing keys, knives,...
  • SIZING & STRAPS: Our waterproof bags come in 4 convenient sizes (10L, 20L, 30L, 40L). 10L & 20L dry bags come with a single shoulder strap that is adjustable and can extend up to 36 inches. 30L and...

There you have it!

If you are looking for more information then there are some other online reviews that may help.

Consider these points while purchasing the right dry bag for yourself and you’ll surely not regret spending your money on it.

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