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Complete Fishing Lure Guide [Crankbait, Jerkbait, Spinnerbait, Spoons, and Jigs]

It can be confusing when looking through your local tackle store at the thousands on thousands of different types of fishing lures. Different shapes and designs, some with bibs and some bibless, different colors, depths, hooks, and motions. Thankfully you can narrow down these thousands of options into a few simple categories. This will help you […]

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10 Best Braided Fishing Line to Catch that Monster Fish

A very common question is ‘Should I use mono, braid, or fluorocarbon fishing line?’ The answer really depends on what you are fishing for and where. Braid fishing line is extremely strong and light – it has quickly become a favorite of anglers everything. But even within that selection there are numerous different brands available and […]

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