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Essential Fishing Gear Every Angler Should Own in 2020

Fishing offers some uniquely satisfying and refreshing experiences. It is a fantastic way to get away from busy city life and create good memories with family and friends. However, please keep in mind that the gear you carry can make a whole lot of difference in your fishing. There are numerous pieces of equipment anglers […]

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Best 10 Fish Hook Remover Tools

For catch and relief fisherman, a good fish hook remover tool is a must have – the ability to remove a hook from a fish’s mouth without causing any damage is crucial for keeping the fish healthy going forward. A fish hook remover is a very simple tool that is worth having for any species who […]

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Fishing Knot Tying Tool Review – EZ Tie

A common question is ‘is there a tool that can help me to tie fishing knots?’ The answer is yes, this is a review of the EZ Tie Fishing Knot Tying Tool, which is a brilliant little tool to help you tie blood knots and barrel knots. There are a number of reasons why you might […]

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