Fishing Knot Tying Tool Review – EZ Tie (2021 Review)

A common question is ‘is there a tool that can help me to tie fishing knots?’ The answer is yes, this is a review of the EZ Tie Fishing Knot Tying Tool, which is a brilliant little tool to help you tie blood knots and barrel knots.

There are a number of reasons why you might want some help in tying knots – maybe it is windy or raining, maybe it is cold and you don’t want to take your fishing gloves off. Or maybe even you have lost some dexterity and can’t tie knots like you used to be able to.

For all of these reasons the EZ Tie tool might be a great option to add to your tackle box. It is ultra light at only 5/8 ounces and can fit in any pocket or pouch or even in your fly fishing vest.

EZ Tie Blood Knot Tying Tool
  • Gives a "3rd hand" for tying blood and barrel knots, making it simple and easy
  • Small, compact and super light weight (5/8 oz.)
  • Attaches to lanyard or vest

I can vouch from experience – there is nothing worse than losing a fish because you have tied a poor quality knot. This has happened to me more times than I am proud to admit. While it is much easier to tie a fishing line to a hook, it can be more difficult to tie a fishing line to a leader.

The blood knot is a brilliant option and with this tool it will only take a few seconds to create a powerful knot. Piece of mind can be satisfying knowing that you have a strong knot that won’t fail when that horse takes a bite.

How to Use a Fishing Knot Tying Tool?

  • Insert leader in one of the horizontal spring coils leaving approximately 3” exposed.
  • Insert tippet in other spring coil facing opposite direction leaving approximately 3” exposed.
  • Wrap 3” of tippet 4 or 5 times OVER leader securing end under closest plunger button.
  • Do same with leader except wrapping UNDER tippet 4 or 5 times.
  • Remove each from spring coils grasping leader in one hand and tippet in other letting EZ Tie hang freely. Pull each in opposite direction creating blood knot.
  • Trim excess material close to knot.

Fishing Knot Tying Tool Video

The video below shows how to use the EZ Tie to create a blood knot. You will see how simple it is. Just consider where or when you could use this.

EZ Tie Features

  • Makes tying blood knots and barrel knots simple and easy
  • Gives you ‘a third hand’ in cold or windy conditions
  • Ultra light weight at only 5/8 oz
  • Attaches to a lanyard or fly fishing vest for easy access
  • Made in USA
  • Awarded ‘Best Fly Fishing Tool’ in 2014 by Outdoor Canada Magazine
  • Made of corrosion resistant materials – aluminum, brass, and stainless steel


  • Gives you the ability to tie a powerful blood knot first time, every time.
  • Brilliant for the older angler who is having trouble tying knots.
  • Very helpful in windy or cold conditions.


  • Don’t become too reliant on this tool. There are different knots for different situations and eventually you will want to be able to tie them without help.
  • Not suitable for smaller diameter leader- under 6lb
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EZ Tie Blood Knot Tying Tool
  • Gives a "3rd hand" for tying blood and barrel knots, making it simple and easy
  • Small, compact and super light weight (5/8 oz.)
  • Attaches to lanyard or vest


The EZ Tie is certainly not for everyone, but if you need some help in tying blood knots, then I would give this one a go. For fly fishing enthusiasts or any angler really, this little package will really help you out in making sure you have the strongest knots and never lose a fish.

If you have tried this tool before or any of the alternatives then please leave some feedback in the comments below. We would love to learn from your wisdom.

Tying knots is a fishing skills that you should always be looking to improve, but if you need some help learning then give the EZ Tie a go.

Happy fishing!

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