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Fishing lines are part of essential fishing accessories that every angler must have as a component of his fishing gear. Purchasing a good and effective fishing line is not an easy task. Beginners and fishing enthusiasts might feel confused about which fishing line to buy.

This fishing line for conventional reels buying guide will help you choose the correct fishing line with ease and proper knowledge. Before making the final purchase, you need to look through the different available options and pick up the right one suited to your needs.

The following are the things to consider when buying line for conventional reels:

Quick Summary – Best Fishing Line for Conventional Reels

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Fishing Line for Conventional Reel Buying Guide


An excellent fishing line consists of several factors. The most significant one among them is selecting the right pound test. The strength of the fishing line is known as ‘test’ and it is measured in pounds.

Each spool would comprise of a label describing what the pound of the fishing line is. A pound test measures the intensity of the stress the fishing line can bear before it bends and breaks down. Your fishing plan depends a lot on the fishing line.

So, make sure that you choose the right one.


Selecting the appropriate fishing line is an important part of fishing. Make sure that the fishing line that you choose matches the fish species that you wish to catch, along with the location of your fishing and your fishing technique.

Buying a fishing line with the right weight would help you in catching and also offer stability when you will be holding on to it. Among the other factors, you should also consider the weather conditions and your choice of fishing gear.


Before choosing the perfect fishing line, you need to consider the diameter of the line. The diameter of the line affects the castability, stretch, running depth, and visibility of your lures.

Lines that have smaller diameters are not much visible to the fishes in the water. They produce lifelike action to some lures like crankbaits and grubs.

Abrasion resistance

Fishing lines face severe conditions like trees, weather conditions, rocks, etc. So, while purchasing a fishing line, make sure that you buy the one that comes with abrasion resistance. While fishes find it difficult to see thinner fishing lines, thicker lines are more abrasion-resistant.

Color and visibility

If you are fishing in clear waters, choose fishing lines that have low visibility. If you are fishing under low-light conditions, fishing lines with high visibility are a better choice.

It then becomes easier and convenient for you to observe the movement of the fishing line indicating a strike. Therefore, choose the appropriate line colors depending on your fishing goals and environmental conditions.


The stiffer a fishing line is, the harder will it be to cast it. As the diameter of a fishing line increases, it tends to become stiffer. Generally, stiffness enhances the strength of a fishing line.

Types of fishing lines

Before purchasing a fishing line for conventional reels, it is important that you know and understand the different types of line materials along with their features. The three most commonly used fishing lines are as follows:

Monofilament Fishing Line:

These lines have been in use for a long time because they are the most affordable ones. These lines have a slow sink rate and are most appropriate when you are fishing topwater lures. You can choose these lines if you do not wish your fishing line to sink very quickly.

These lines offer less abrasion resistance when compared to fluorocarbon. Some anglers think that monofilament is difficult to set hooks since they stretch a lot. However, for beginners, the inherent stretch might be helpful so that they can avoid setting the hooks too hard which might make the fish come out.

Though stretch makes such lines as shock absorbers, it also decreases the sensitivity. These lines are best suited for beginners and amateurs. Due to their convenient stretch, it prevents inexperienced fishermen from adding extra lines, thereby, making them convenient to be used.

Fluorocarbon Fishing Line:

It offers more abrasion resistance than the monofilament ones. Thus, it is a better choice when you are fishing in cover. It has lesser stretch which is helpful for a strong hook setting.

These lines are less visible to the fishes. So, they do not end up spooking them. One of the main disadvantages is that they have a higher sink rate and are thus, not a preferable choice if you are fishing topwater lures.

But, under circumstances where sinking works advantageously, these lines are a great purchase. These are also among the most popular materials used for producing fish leaders.

Braided Fishing Line:

These lines have gained popularity among fishermen for their remarkable durability and high ratio of weight to strength. These have thinner diameters, which means that they can take up less fishing reel capacity. One of the benefits is that such lines have almost no stretch.

This increases sensitivity and encourages a strong hook setting. If you give utmost importance and priority to strength, such lines are difficult to beat. Braided lines have more visibility than fluorocarbon and securing the knot can also be quite challenging.

Apart from all the factors stated above, you should also do a bit of research and decide the kind of fishing lure that you require and would like to have. If you like fishing in a cover, your best choice would be fluorocarbon. It is invisible in water, highly sensitive, and alerts you at the slightest movements.

Make sure that the fishing line that you buy is appropriate with the rest of your fishing equipment. Having fishing tools that complement one another will make your fishing adventure more enjoyable and a great experience.

10 Best Fishing Line for Conventional Reels

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Ande Monster Fishing Lines, 1 lb/ 50 lb, Blue
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Ande Monster Fishing Lines, 1 lb/ 50 lb, Blue
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Ande G14-40C Ghost Monofilament, 1/4-Pound Spool, 40-Pound Test, Matte-White Finish
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Triple Fish 40 lb Test Mono Leader Fishing Line, Camo, 0.60 mm/50 yd
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SF Monofilament Fishing Line Premium Spool Strong Mono Nylon Material Leader Line Clear for...
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Berkley Vanish, Clear, 350-Yard/40-Pound
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Berkley Vanish, Clear, 350-Yard/40-Pound
  • Remains Clear Underwater – 100% fluorocarbon refracts light similar to water
  • Superior Wet Strength – Nn absorbing fluorocarbon maintains strength and abrasion resistance...
  • Improved Flexibility – Vanish is the most flexible fluorocarbon

Bottom Line

Now that you have this guide with you, you know the things to consider when purchasing a fishing line for conventional reels. So, what are you waiting for? Get hold of the right fishing line for conventional reels and start your fishing adventure!

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