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Tips for Fishing in the Rain

Sometimes when we go fishing, the weather is not always sunny and hot, sometimes, we face weather that is rainy. When we fish in the rain, it can give us opportunities to be able to catch even more fish than if it is warm and sunny.When it rains, some fishermen decide that they will not […]

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How to Store Kayaks? [With Video]

Kayaking is a popular recreation activity. Being on a kayak allows people to experience an area from the water. Being this close to aquatic life and give you a unique perspective on the environment, making you appreciate its beauty more. It’s also a great way of exercising, building arm muscles and core strength. While more […]

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10 Saltwater Fishing Tips

​Taking the jump from freshwater to saltwater fishing is an exciting opportunity to expand your angling skills. With a briny ocean breeze to keep you cool and a sandy beach or pier beneath your feet, fishing on the sea is not only an interesting angling variation but also often a relaxing, scenic experience. Dipping your […]

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