Good Inexpensive Fish Finders for Kayaks to Enjoy a Memorable Fishing Trip

As a shore fisherman the thing you wished for since you were a little kid trying to virtualize what the bottom of the lake looked like.
Don’t even try to deny it!

Well, there is a cool hack. Want to know that secret?

Just use a fishfinder to get a fish eye's view of what’s actually happening below your kayak with Down Imaging.

Yes, you heard that right. A fish finder is really cool gadgets which can create a magical result in finding out the Goddamn fish.

I know that’s what you’re thinking; can I find Good Inexpensive Fish Finders for Kayaks.

Am I right?

Don’t worry. I drew up a list of some amazing fish finder for kayak at a reasonable price.

Stay along. 

Fish finders are gear used to seek and catch fish. Also, it is important in locating particular aqua creatures underwater. As a result, Fishfinders give you the options of seeing aqua structure, viewing the depth, locations, and depth temperature.

Let’s see what the other advantages of having a fishfinder are.

  • The fish finder comes with an advanced GPS which show the location of the kayak as it moves on water.
  • It can be used in various weather patterns, for example, the snow, rain, under ice fishing, on lakes and even aggressive rivers.
  • A temperature gauge is including in the fish finder that is handy to locate the exact location of the object, especially during the spawning time.
  • It will help you to find the structure as well as flat areas.
  • They are user-friendly and have easy to use icons.

10 Good Inexpensive Fish Finders for Kayaks [This Month]

5 Good Inexpensive Fish Finders for Kayaks that You Wouldn't Want to Miss

Here are my reviews of the top 5 of the best fishfinder that you can grab your hands on.

Check this out:

1. Garmin Striker 4 GPS Fish Finder for Kayaks - Best Fish Finder GPS Combo

Garmin Striker 4 with Transducer, 3.5' GPS Fishfinder with CHIRP Traditional Transducer
1,592 Reviews
Garmin Striker 4 with Transducer, 3.5" GPS Fishfinder with CHIRP Traditional Transducer
  • CLEAR VÜ SCANNING SONAR Shows you more of what is in the water around your boat; This high frequency sonar gives near photographic images with detailed representations of objects, structure and fish
  • THE POWER OF SIMPLE Offers a keyed interface with dedicated buttons; The device is easy to use and easy to install; Available in 3.5 , 5 and 7 inch display sizes; Water rating IPX7
  • WAYPOINT MAP Use the way point map to easily view, mark and navigate to locations such as brush piles, stumps and docks; Maximum depth 1,600 feet freshwater, 750 feet saltwater; Current draw at 12Volt : 0.23 Ampere

If you have a kayak that you mostly use it in your nearest backyard lake, shaving a few dollars off of your budget for a GPS fishfinder is actually a fruitful investment.

After all, you aren’t getting lost in your backyard!

Try our new favorite Garmin striker four fish finders for an amazing fishing experience. What makes it so different from the rest of the other?

Check this out:

My Impression

Such an adorable gadget!!!

Yes, that was my first impression when I saw it. Since there STRIKER fishfinder series put in high-sensitivity GPS, it allows you to see your position to waypoints you have marked. 

Sounds great?

Oh did I forget to say that its Water rating is IPX7? Besides, its high-frequency sonar provides near-photographic images with tiny, tinny detailed representations of structure and fish.

Now let’s talk about the overall design.

View your sonar data and information in the classic flasher format with the Display 1.9 x 2.9 inches; 3.5 inches diagonal. Meanwhile, it is ideal for vertical jigging or ice fishing.

Good for you!

Plus, it includes CHIRP transducer, tilt/swivel mount, and trolling mounting cable. But one thing to regret is for top-performance CHIRP; you have to buy a GT8/ GT15 transducer separately.

WoW feature of Garmin fishfinder 4

The Power of Simple which offers a keyed interface with amazing buttons. One definite advantage is this device is extremely easy to use.

What I like most

  • Easy to install.
  • Waypoint map.
  • Clearvü scanning sonar.
  • Convenient keypad operation.

What could be better?

  • The screen is not water resistant.
  • Not so good in shallow water.

2. Deeper Pro Fish Finder for Kayaks with Smart Sonar- A Great Fish Finder for Canoe

Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar - GPS Portable Wireless Wi-Fi Fish Finder for Shore and Ice Fishing, Black, 2.55' (DP1H10S10)
946 Reviews
Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar - GPS Portable Wireless Wi-Fi Fish Finder for Shore and Ice Fishing, Black, 2.55" (DP1H10S10)
  • HIGHEST SPEC CASTABLE SONAR: casts further, scans deeper, more features than any other. Syncs with iOS/Android devices. Use for shore, boat, ice fishing
  • INBUILT GPS: enables you to create bathymetric maps from the shore, Enjoy free access to Lake book, Deeper' s bathymetric management platform where you can save, review and analyze all of your maps on any device from the comfort of home
  • ROCK SOLID CONNECTIVITY: Syncs to phone/tablet using WiFi (like a hotspot). NO INTERNET IS NEEDED. Turn OFF Cellular data for uninterrupted connection

Finding the lake fish is effortless than ever with the Deeper fish finder.

Yes, you heard that right.

Just Mark and return to the hot spots, and share your favorite routes with other your friends. That means you can see the fish location, size, and suspended depth easily. Not only that, but also able to give a clear image of underwater structure, bottom contour vegetation, and hardness.

It really is that simple!

Let’s dig a little deeper.

My Impression
Deeper Pro plus fish finder is a Versatile, castable fish finder for pro and avid anglers, especially an emphasis on shore fishing.

Want to know the best part of this deeper pro plus ice fishing?

It generates its Wi-Fi signal. That means you can sync it with your smartphone anywhere. Apart from this, it is Compatible with iOS as well as Android devices.

Then again easy-to-use Deeper App, which updated monthly. One definite advantage is the company is providing 24/7 customer support.

Wow feature of deeper pro
Dual beam sonar frequency allows overall scanning areas so that you can go for pinpointing fish. It casts up to 330ft as well as scans down to 260ft.

What I like most

  • Wireless fish finder.
  • Unique versatility.
  • Lightweight.
  • It takes only a few minutes to install.

What could be better?

  • The battery won’t last long.
  • A bit pricey.

3. Garmin Striker Plus 4 Fish Finder for Kayaks - A Handy Portable Fish Finder

Garmin Striker Plus 4 with Dual-Beam transducer, 010-01870-00
256 Reviews
Garmin Striker Plus 4 with Dual-Beam transducer, 010-01870-00
  • Includes dual-beam transducer with Garmin Chirp traditional sonar for crystal-clear images and remarkable target separation
  • Built-in Garmin quickdraw contours mapping software lets you create and store maps with 1’ contours for up to 2 million acres
  • Built-in GPS lets you mark waypoints, create routes and view boat’s speed

Looking for a fishfinder which can work in any environment?

Then try this Garmin Striker Plus 4 to make fishing a breeze. The bright, vibrant, sunlight-readable display presents you a clear view of what is actually below your boat.

I know that’s what you’re thinking; can it be true, right?

Yes, really it is!

Built-in quickdraw mapping software allows you to create or store maps with 1’ contours for more than up to 2 million acres.

My Impression

Let’s start the Garmin striker 4 plus review with image clarity ability. Garmin Quickdraw Contours: While you are trolling the depths and the shorelines, its Quickdraw Contours software presents HD fishing maps of the location/places you’ve been.

Astonishing, isn’t it?

The STRIKER Plus fishfinder comes with a bright 4.3” display for crystal-clear images. In the meantime, it includes CHIRP technology for top grade clarity that you have come to expect from this awesome gadget.

What else?

Crystal-clear sonar images give remarkable target separation in shallow or even deeper water. Hence, Bottom contours are clearly visible, and signal noise can be suppressed at more depths for an interpretation of what’s below.

Wow Feature of Garmin Striker Plus

It includes dual-beam transducer along with Garmin Chirp traditional sonar for remarkable target separation and crystal-clear images.

What I like most

  • Rugged design.
  • Suitable for every fishing environment.
  • CHIRP Sonar Clarity.
  • Quickdraw Contours map.

What could be better?

  • Not good for saltwater

4. Hummingbird Kayak Fish Finders’ Helix 5- Easiest Fish Finder to Use

Humminbird 410210-1 HELIX 5 CHIRP GPS G2 Fish finder
192 Reviews
Humminbird 410210-1 HELIX 5 CHIRP GPS G2 Fish finder
  • 5-Inch Color WVGA Display
  • CHIRP Dual Beam PLUS Sonar. Power Output RMS : 500 Watts. Power Draw : 615 mA
  • Precision Internal GPS Chart plotting with built-in Anima cartography

​See a glasslike view beneath your boat.

If your goal is to locate fish more clearly, just start here. Thus, Humminbird’s 2D sonar features are the opposite of two-dimensional. Whether you're planning for fishing in freshwater lakes, the ice, or coastal waters, you’ll find the right tool for your environment.

No doubt about it!

The HELIX 5 Series comes with an uncompromising widescreen display. Feature for feature, this gadget has what it takes to win your heart.

My Impression

At Hummingbird, innovation and advanced technology is the core of everything they do. This HELIX 5 is no wonder-delivering the advanced array of technologies.

Damn Good!

Plus, it includes the intuitive interface, incredible SONAR, precise Broadband CHIRP, and the mapmaking power.

The standard Basemap delivers more detail with superior angling experience. The incredible images are presented with high-frequency sound waves throw out in ultra-thin slices.

WoW feature of Hummingbird fish finders

Gain an unprecedented, stunning side-to-side perspective on the underworld below the surface. In the meantime, the ultra-thin beam searches the area to the left/right of your kayak location.

What I like most

  • Digital CHIRP.
  • Built-In Basemap.
  • Color WVGA Display.
  • Micro SD card slot.

What could be better?

  • Cheap chips.
  • Small.

5. Garmin Striker 4 with Portable Kit - An Awesome Lowrance Kayak Fish Finder

Garmin Striker 4 with Portable Kit
479 Reviews
Garmin Striker 4 with Portable Kit
  • The power of simple - offers a keyed interface with dedicated buttons. The device is easy to use and easy to install. Available in 3.5-, 5- and 7-inch display sizes.
  • Waypoint map - use the waypoint map to easily view, mark and navigate to locations such as brush piles, stumps and docks.
  • Chirp sonar - chirp sends a continuous sweep of frequencies which provides a wider range of information. Chirp sonar is able to create crisper fish arches with better target separation.

​Gear up with Garmin portable kit and get ready for next fishing kayak adventure.

Sound’s cool?

Yes, it is.

STRIKER 4 fishfinder comes with portable carrying case, makes it perfect for fishing from a canoe or kayak. From my personal experience, it seems quite handy for ice fishing.

So let’s get to work.

My Impression

Before anything else, let me discuss Garmin striker 4 accessories. It features 3.5-inch color fishfinder with high-sensitivity GPS. Thus, its Display resolution is 480 x 320 pixels.

Maximum depth: 750 ft saltwater, 1,600 ft freshwater.

Imagine what it would be like if you can take the Fish Finder Anywhere!

You heard that right; you can take it a cool tool to anywhere you want. A portable kit is attached to protect and carry this STRIKER fishfinder 4 with GPS. It includes a sealed, battery (rechargeable) with charger, storage/ suction cup transducer mount.

Still not convinced?

These gadgets are designed to allow marking the favorite fishing spot as well as navigate back to it easily, saving you time and money.

Apart from this, it allows you to have an eye your boat’s speed on the screen. It’s a great tool to ensure you are trolling at the perfect speed and for a particular fish species.

Wow Feature of Striker Four Portable Bundles

Instead of sending only one single frequency, its CHIRP drives a continuous sweep of frequencies, then interprets them upon their return. 

What I like most

  • Navigate Easily.
  • High-sensitivity GPS.
  • Crystal-clear sonar images.
  • ClearVü technology.

What could be better?

  • The domed assembly.
  • Shabby instructions on manual.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Reasonable Fish Finders for Kayaks

Let me take a wild guess, you have already thought that you going to miss some must-have feature as budget is pretty tight.

How exactly find a good reasonable Fish Finders for Kayaks?

Here are some crucial that you should consider for a good Fish Finders for Kayaks

Display screen

A high resolution and sharp contrast make everything easier to see and read, also helps if the screen can be view in full daylight. So undoubtedly, it’s a crucial feature. 


Yeah, it knows it’s an advanced feature and hard to find this budget. But the good news is some manufacturer is designed the fishfinder at a very reasonable price. So look whether the fishfinder you choose has this feature.

Transducer Type

The transducer sends out the signals of sonar that find the fish. This feature allows you to mount on your trolling motor. With upgraded fish finders, you can use several cone angles operating to send the signals to go deep and wide.

Signal frequency

No matter if the frequency is low as 50 kHz, which may offer a vast angle for the signal. Good news is nowadays fish finders’ brands offer several frequencies so that you can easily switch from very low -high frequency.


Some fish finders come with alarms that eventually ring out when they find fish. 

Seems annoying?

Well, this can be an annoying feature true, but quite effective. It helps to differentiate fish from another object in the water.

Decision Time: Which One Should You Pick?

If you are in a tight budget and thinking that you have to consider quality, then you are in misconception. Even with a limited budget, you can get some awesome gears. We discussed some of them off earlier section.

Let’s narrow down a few best kayak fish finder for the money:

1. Best fish finder under 150: Garmin Striker Plus 4.
2. Best fish finder under 200: Garmin portable fishing kit.
3. Best fish finder under 250: Deeper fish finder pro plus smart sonar.
4. Best fish finder under 300: Hummingbird Fish Finders’ Helix 5.

Wrapping up

Undoubtedly finding a good fishfinder in a tight budget is quite difficult. And honestly speaking, you are compromising with some handful feature. 

In this case, you can trust this fishfinder list. I put endless effort to pick the best one in a reasonable budget. Each of the fish finders has entered on the list for their top grade performance. 

But my personal favorite is the Garmin Striker plus 4; a portable smart gear just amazed me with superior quality even in affordable price tag. So good luck and have fun.

Happay fishing!

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Good Inexpensive Fish Finders for Kayaks
Good Inexpensive Fish Finders for Kayaks to Enjoy a Memorable Fishing Trip

Good Inexpensive Fish Finders for Kayaks

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