6 Best Ice Fishing Bibs + Buying Guide [2021 Reviews]

If there is one thing you need before you head out onto the ice it is a high quality ice fishing bib. But it can be very hard to find the one that best suits your needs. Many brands refer to how waterproof their bibs are in millimetres and their warmth resistance in grams – it can be very confusing. 

Getting the highest quality ice fishing gear is critical to the success of your trip.

We have put together this buyer’s guide to help explain these concepts so you can make an educated decision. We have then found 6 of the best ice fishing bibs available on the market and explained why we like them.

Have a read through and hopefully you will learn something new about ice fishing bibs.

Quick Summary – Best Ice Fishing Bibs

Ice Fishing Bib Buyer’s Guide

We have put together a quick guide to highlight the key metrics you will need to know to pick an ice fishing bib that suits your purposes. It can be very difficult to understand when brands quote their waterproof resistance in millimetres and their warmth rating in grams.

Have a read through the topics below so that you can make an educated choice in selecting the best ice fishing clothing to keep you warm and dry in cold weather.

Water Resistance

Waterproof fabrics are often tested in an independent laboratory to judge how waterproof the fabric is under similar conditions. They take a 1 inch by 1 inch square tube and place it over the fabric and then start to fill up the tube with water. Water is added until water begins to leak from the bottom of the fabric – this gives the waterproof rating in millimetres.

So for example, a 5000mm rating means that you can place 200 inches of water on top of the fabric before it will leak through.

This seems like a huge amount of water and it can be difficult to compare these lab experiments to real life conditions. The table below attempts to convert between the waterproof rating and the conditions they are suitable for.

Please keep in mind the conditions you will be using your bib – if you are going to spend all of your time inside an ice fishing shelter, then you probably don’t need an extremely waterproof rating.

Some brands also refer to the waterproof rating as the hydrostatic rating but the two terms are used interchangeably.

Waterproof Rating (mm) Water Resistance ProvidedConditions
0-5,000 mmMinimal resistance to moisture.Light rain, dry snow
5,000-10,000 mmWaterproof under light pressure.Light rain, average snow
10,000-15,000 mmWaterproof except under high pressure.Moderate rain, average snow
15,000-20,000 mmWaterproof under high pressure.Heavy rain, wet snow
20,000 mm+Waterproof under very high pressure.Heavy rain, wet snow, high pressure.


The insulation of a bib is generally measured in how many grams of proprietary insulation material is included in the design. Different brands have their own insulating material so it can be difficult to compare, but just through experience we have come up with the following rules of thumb:

  • Minimal Insulating Properties – 0 grams
  • Light Insulating Properties – 0 to 50 grams
  • Medium Insulating Properties – 50 to 150 grams
  • Heavy Insulating Properties – 150+ grams

Remember that the bib doesn’t need to do all of your insulation for better warmth. If you intend to wear heavy duty thermal inner wear, then your bib doesn’t have to be as thick or warm. You have the option to pick a lighter, rainproof fishing bib rather than a heavily insulated option.

Having the right fishing clothing to keep you warm and dry in cold weather is crucial to the success of your ice fishing trip.

Pockets and Storage

Having a warm place to put your hands or pockets to keep lures or leader is very valuable, particularly if it means you can stay at your fishing hole for longer rather than walking back and forwards from your truck.

This is a common feature with fly fishing vests – it is incredibly practical to have extra storage on your body for things that you don’t even think of but will come in handy throughout your fishing adventure such as:

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Best Ice Fishing Bibs

6 Best Ice Fishing Bibs

We have put together 6 of the best ice fishing bibs available on the market. All of these have been selected based on their own features and some interesting different functions. Have a read below considering your own requirements, how much waterproofing and insulating properties your need so that you can find the gear that best suits your needs.

1. Frabill Ice Fishing Bib

Frabill I3 Ice Fishing Insulated Bib Black ,X-Large

Waterproof rating – 10,000mm hydrostatic resistance

Insulation – 150g insulation

The best ice fishing bib we have found available on the market at the moment is the Frabill. With a good waterproof rating of 10,000mm and the most insulation of all those compared, this is the highest quality option. The seams are all sealed.

It also has 300 and 500 denier nylon in the high wear areas to avoid rips and tears such as the knees and pan cuffs. The Frabill also has built in knee and seat padding for extra comfort.

It also has zipper vents so that if you are moving from cold outside temperatures to your warm ice fishing shelter you don’t get too hot or cold.

This fishing bib is really well made and it has all of the optional extras that you could hope for. It even has 3M scotchlite reflective material to keep you visible and safe in snow storms of low visibility conditions.

Frabill I3 Ice Fishing Insulated Bib Black ,X-Large
  • Frabill | Trusted By Anglers Since 1938
  • Waterproof | 300 denier nylon taslan shell is 100% seam sealed to keep water out and warmth in
  • Windproof | 150g 3M Thinsulate insulation for added warmth and protection from the wind and elements...

2. Striker Insulated Ice Fishing Bib

Waterproof Rating – 5,000mm 

Insulation – 100 grams of thermadex insulation

Second on our list is the Striker insulated ice fishing bib. Striker also has other options such as the Striker Ice Climate Bib that has 175g of removable insulated lining if you are looking for the 10 out of 10 warmth rating options.

The insulation is also very good with 100 grams of thermadex insulation to keep you warmer for longer. Thermadex is a light weight active wear insulation material that provides warmth in lots of applications like alpine skiing or snowmobiling.

The striker fishing bib also has superflote insulation which is a low density polyethylene foam that increases the buoyancy of the bib. This can provide up to two hours of floatation assistance to help you survive in the most dire circumstances.

Like the Frabill this ice fishing bib also has additional padding in the seat and knee for better comfort during long hours of sitting or kneeling.

Striker Ice Fishing Bib, Gray, X-Large
  • 320D Tussor Shell Material
  • Hydrapore 5,000mm/5,000g Waterproof/Breath-ability
  • Sureflote Flotation Assist Technology

3. Arctix Tundra Bib

Arctix Men's Tundra Ballistic Bib Overalls With Added Visibility, Black, Large, Large (36-38W 32L)

Waterproof Rating – 5,000mm thermalock coating

Insulation – 85 grams of thermatech advanced insulation

The third bib we are including is the Arctix Tundra. It comes with 85 grams of insulation which gives it a medium to good level of warmth depending on the temperatures that you will be spending your time.

Like the other three above it comes with reinforced seat, knees, and scuff guards to last longer and be more durable with 600 denier ballistic nylon which is as good or better than the other options. It also has a multi-layered construction which traps the heat in micro chambers to help keep you warm.

It has has reflective safety webbing to keep you visible at night – this is an under-rated feature of many high end fishing bibs.

Arctix Men's Tundra Ballistic Bib Overalls With Added Visibility, Black, Large, Large (36-38W 32L)
  • 85 grams ThermaTech Insulation offers warmth in a lightweight, low bulk garment
  • Reinforced seat, knees, friction and scuff guards to hold up against daily wear and tear
  • 20" Boot Zipper for easy on and off

4. Clam Extreme Advantage Bib

The Clam Extreme Advantage is another option that you might want to consider. At this price range it is a viable option you may want to consider.

The Clam bib has low pockets on your thighs for storing heavier items and strong knee pads. The fabric is waterproof however they don’t quote a hydrostatic rating so it is difficult to compare.

It also comes with a cell phone pocket and a magnetic removable fish towel which I found to be an interesting gimick.

ON SALE $47.59 OFF
Clam Corporation 12811 Extreme Advantage Grey/Black/Blue Bib - XL, One Size
  • Product Type: Overalls
  • Country Of Origin: China
  • Item Package Weight: 2.313 Kgs

5. Wildfowler Camo Ice Fishing Bib

If you are looking for an ice fishing bib with a bit of flair and design, then the Wildfowler Camo bib is for you. The white style with tree branch camouflage looks great and will stand out from the standard grey bibs. They are also available in wildgrass, blaze, and blaze tree camo designs.

These bibs are waterproof, windproof, breathable, and quiet but they are not insulated. As with the Frogg Toggs below, you will need to combine these bibs with warm inner clothing to keep your warm. If you want something that can be used during boat fishing as well then this might be an option.

Wildfowler Men's Contoured Fit, Camo, 3X-Large
  • Premium Hunting Gear
  • New Unique Camo Pattern
  • Fit type: semi-fitted

6. Frogg Toggs Waterproof Rain Bib

Waterproof Rating – 8,000mm

This frogg toggs waterproof rain bib is a different type of fishing bib. It does not have significant insulation and is mostly suited for rain. It does have a decent waterproof rating on the fabric.

This is mostly suited to ice fishing if you intend to wear heavy thermal clothing underneath your bib to offset the lack of insulation. It is wind resistance and waterproof but not insulated and warm so make sure you have the proper inner clothing if you intend to stay in cold environments for long periods.

ON SALE $10.24 OFF
FROGG TOGGS Men's Standard Classic Pro Advantage Bib, Black, Medium
  • The Classic Pro Action Rain Bib is waterproof and breathable making it the perfect companion for...
  • Made with Frogg Toggs breathable fabric that is waterproof, wind-resistant, and lightweight
  • The rain bib features taped seams to keep you dry and a zippered front opening that lets you slip in...

Frogg Toggs also has some other high end options like their Pilot model which has a 15,000mm waterproof rating with a lifetime warranty.

FROGG TOGGS Men's Pilot II Guide Waterproof Breathable Rain Bib, Red/Black, Large
  • The Pilot II Rain Bib is waterproof and breathable making it the perfect companion for hunting and...
  • Made with Frogg Toggs breathable fabric that is waterproof, wind-resistant, and lightweight
  • The rain bib features 2 zippered chest storage pockets and a quick-drain, expandable cargo pocket to...


We have aimed to give a wide range of ice fishing bibs, from the warmest and heaviest, to the lightest and most interesting designs. You will need to use your new found knowledge to select the ice fishing gear that suits your needs. Have a good think about the conditions that you will be going ice fishing, the temperature, and the waterproof requirements before making your decision. This will allow you to get the gear that suits you best.

If you have any recommendations for ice fishing bibs that other readers can learn from as well then please leave a comment below. The more wisdom and experience we can share the better decisions we can all make.

Happy ice fishing!

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