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The Lowrance brand has made significant leaps and bounds in recent years when it comes to producing fish finders that deliver all the features most anglers look for in an easy-to-use format. The Lowrance Hook 7 has many of the same attractive features that the Hook 5 offers, but with some upgrades that anglers of all skill levels will appreciate. The overall layout of the controls and the on-screen display combine to make the Hook 7 one of the most sought-after fish finder models in the industry. 

This fish finder comes in a 7-inch screen size that’s not too small or too big for most anglers. It offers outstanding fish finding abilities that range from having a CHIRP sonar system to DownScan Imaging and DownScan Overlay. It also has an impressive GPS system that allows you to save thousands of waypoints and routes to help keep you on track when you’re fishing in a competitive setting and need to maximize time spent on the water. 

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at many of the Lowrance Hook 7’s features and explain how they will help amplify your fishing experience and provide exceptional ability to see what’s underneath your boat. 

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Lowrance Hook 7 Overview 

Most anglers who have used the Lowrance Hook 7 describe it as a device that takes all of the most desirable features of modern fish finders and packs them into one, easy-to-use device that is relatively affordable compared to other brands that offer premium fish finders. This fish finder combines the benefits of CHIRP sonar technology with Downscan Imaging to give anglers a more comprehensive view of what’s beneath their boat. 

The sonar sensitivity of the Hook 7 is even greater than previous models and will give you a more crisp, clear view of things that are on the bottom of a lake, river, or ocean floor. You’ll be able to more clearly distinguish between various types of structure and just where fish are likely to hang out around them. 

The GPS and navigation features have also been upgraded and will give you the ability to plot out your fishing trip using customized waypoints that allow you to input specific information about each location. It comes pre-programmed with Genesis custom maps, which are as detailed and up-to-date as any in the fishing industry today. 


The Hook 7’s larger screen is a welcome addition for anglers who are more accustomed to having a 5-inch model. This larger screen doesn’t take up too much room in your boat and makes it much easier to use the Hook 7’s split-screen mode. The screen offers plenty of brightness and allows you to adjust the brightness settings to reach the perfect level. This is a major advantage for fishing on very bright, sunny days or at night when you might not need to have a high level of light coming from the display screen. 

The display resolution of the Lowrance Hook 7 is 800 x 480 pixels, which gives you crystal clear viewing of the most subtle differences between various types of structure or species of fish. The LED display is easily visible, even on the brightest days when sunlight is shining directly at the screen. 

Lowrance hook 7 before installing it

DownScan Imaging & DownScan Overlay 

In recent years, it has become absolutely essential for anglers to have DownScan Imaging if they intend to keep up with their competitors when it comes to tournament fishing for a variety of different species. The DownScan Imaging allows you to see what’s below the boat with extremely clear viewing and imagery that helps you locate fish much easier and faster than ever before. This means you’ll spend less time hovering over a spot trying to determine if what you’re looking at is a school of fish or a small brush pile or other structure. 

The DownScan Overlay technology is a newly-developed addition to Lowrance products that combines DownScan Imaging when using CHIRP sonar. This blend helps to give you a much more comprehensive view of what’s underneath your boat, as well as the precise depth and many other factors. You’ll be able to quickly identify the difference between large trees or rocks while also being able to spot individual fish that are suspended above or even within each type of structure. 

The main advantage you’ll have when using the DownScan Overlay is that it will be much easier to see fish that are hanging very tight and close to cover or underwater structure. Normally, these fish would be virtually indistinguishable from the rest of the structure and anglers might pass by without being made aware that there’s a keeper holding next to a large log or other item. 


The Lowrance Hook 7 uses CHIRP sonar to help anglers identify fish in a more clear manner than ever before. Instead of using a single frequency to detect anything below your boat, CHIRP sonar allows you to adjust the sensitivity of your sonar signal in order to detect individual fish instead of having them seemingly blend together with different types of underwater structure. 

The use of CHIRP sonar utilizes multiple frequencies with one pulse, which helps you identify what’s below your boat without the usual clutter that has traditionally come with most fish finders. 

Navigation and Waypoints

One of the biggest advantages the Hook 7 gives you is the ability to save waypoints at thousands of locations without having to add extra memory space to your device. The built-in GPS system is highly accurate and capable of pinpointing your position down to a few feet on the water. 

The navigation system comes with 3,000 pre-installed maps that are highly detailed and updated to show the latest information and new boat ramps or other additions that other maps aren’t capable of including. It also shows the contour of the United States coastline out to 1,000 feet from shore all along the eastern and western coasts. 

It also features a Trackback capability that allows you to view your course history and set waypoints without having to be at the exact location at the time you program in each point. This is a game changer for anglers who may find a good school of fish early on in their trip that they might be unsure of whether or not to mark a waypoint. 


  • Ability to save 3000 waypoints with a built in GPS
  • The 7 inch display makes all information easy to read
  • CHIRP sonar helps to identify individual fish


  • Does come at a higher price tag than the smaller display options

Lowrance Hook 5 vs Hook 7

Let’s have a look at what Lowrance have changed between the previous model and the evolution into the Hook 7 version. This should help to identify the similarities and differences so that you can make an informed decision based on logic.

You can see from the comparison table below that the main differences between the two options is the display screen size at 5 inch vs 7 inch. This does have its benefits – the multiview panels are easier to see and the images are much clearer.

My personal opinion is that the larger screen in the Kook 7 is worth the extra price tag.

SpecificationsHook 5Hook 7
Weight1.6 lbs2.15 lbs
Display Resolution480 x 480800 x 480
Warranty5 Years 5 Years
SonarIntegrated CHIRP
Integrated CHIRP
GPSInternal High-Sensitivity Internal High-Sensitivity
WaterproofIPX7 IPX7
Max Depth1000 ft 1000 ft
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Final Verdict 

The Lowrance Hook 7 offers plenty of newly-developed technology to allow you to keep up with competitors and others who might be using much more expensive fish finding devices on their boats. It’s clear why so many anglers consider the Hook 7 to be among the most popular fish finders on the market today with the wide range of features that give the user plenty of new and exciting advantages on the water. 

The Hook 7 comes at a price that most anglers can afford and is an excellent option for those who want to finally install a fishfinder on their boat, or for tournament anglers who are looking to upgrade to a newer, better device that will give them an edge on the water. 

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