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The Moonshine Rod Company is still relatively new on the scene, but they have garnered quite a reputation among fly fishing enthusiasts for the quality and performance of their rods. The company was established in 2016 by a small group of dedicated fly fishing anglers in the Tennessee mountains. 

The Moonshine Rod Company’s Epiphany is one of the brand’s most popular rods since it was first introduced in 2017. The company recently did a full redesign of their original Epiphany rod, taking into account the many different suggestions and points of interest from loyal customers of the Moonshine Rod Company. The new design features a much lighter rod that offers improved swing weight and higher-quality elements that all combine for an impressive euro nymphing rod. 

Examining each of the areas of improvement made by Moonshine Rod Company’s engineers, as well as the well-known features that were responsible for making this fly fishing rod so popular reaffirms just why so many anglers love this brand and its rods. 

This review is based on my own experiences and judgements as an angler.

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Epiphany Rod Overview 

As many ceased trout fishing anglers know, euro nymphing can be a delicate process that requires intense focus and using the right kind of tackle and lures to combine for a successful outing. The minds at Moonshine Rod Company worked to create the perfect euro nymphing rod that allows users to have a great amount of control over their lure while working it through the current. 

For those who might be new to euro nymphing or completely unfamiliar with the technique, it’s a method of fishing that was largely developed by competition anglers who had to find a new alternative to traditional fly fishing. In many other parts of the world, ‘nymphing’ is the dominant form of fishing as it is relatively simple and is more prevalent in parts of the world outside the United States. 

A simple definition of nymphing is the angler making a very short cast and using their rod to hold the lure at a certain level beneath the water while the current slowly carries it downstream. Once the lure has drifted well past the downstream current, the angler picks the lure back up and casts it once again into the upstream water. The overall process requires a steady hand and the ability to anticipate and sense bites in a way that is completely different from fly fishing. 

The Moonshine Rod Company created their Epiphany rod with certain aspects of nymphing in mind to make the entire process more simple and easy for anglers. 

Moonshine Rod Co Epiphany Rod

Different Rod Types 

Moonshine Rod Company created three different variations of their Epiphany rod to meet the specific needs of each individual angler. The company now produces the 2wt model that’s 10’4”, the 3wt that’s 10’6”, and the 4wt that’s 10’ in length. Each rod can be ordered in two different categories that include the fighting butt or the down locker version. The rods have been designed based on years of studying the nymphing technique and honing the craft down to a science that allows an angler to comfortably fish using the technique. 

Rod Blank Material 

Each Epiphany rod series model is crafted from high-quality graphite material that is made to offer an incredibly-high level of sensitivity when compared to other rods that might be used for nymphing. Many other nymphing rods that are used by seasoned anglers and even professionals are made of other materials that are either lighter in weight or stronger. 

While nymphing is generally used to catch a wide variety of trout species, it’s usually unlikely that an angler will hook into a monster fish that will easily snap a rod like the Epiphany. The Moonshine Rod Company used the strongest graphite available that could be produced in a way that’s both lightweight and well-balanced. 

Rod Action for Nymphing 

Nymphing requires a highly unique rod design that is more about sensing bites than anything else. The Epiphany series is designed to offer a medium-fast action that lets anglers utilize a wide range of different nymphing techniques. The Epiphany is reportedly one of the most forgiving nymphing rods on the market and is very easy for beginners to use and get the hang of nymphing in a short amount of time. 

Rod Components 

The Epiphany uses a series of snake style guides that are designed to keep the line from getting tangled in while casting. The guides are made from finished material that keeps the line from swaying back and forth while the lure is in the water. This helps anglers detect a strike more easily than they might be able to with other rods. 

The reel seat is highly durable and made out of anodized titanium material. It features a wooden insert and offers a very classic look to compliment the rod’s overall aesthetics. The handle is made from cork and features a comfortable grip that allows the user to easily toss their lure in the water and retrieve it without interference or excess fatigue that is commonly associated with rods that aren’t specially designed for nymphing. 


The Epiphany rod comes with a hardened carrying case that is easily packed in with a variety of other gear. The rod itself breaks down into five different pieces and easily fits into the tube. Many users have reported that it’s quite easy to bring their Epiphany rod along on a hiking or camping trip as it is both lightweight and compact. 


  • Highly specialised fly rod
  • Premium construction materials
  • Incredible aesthetic design
  • Compatible with freshwater and saltwater
  • Lifetime, no fault, warranty


  • This is a premium fly rod and comes with a premium price tag

Moonshine Epiphany vs Moonshine Drifter

I always prefer to look at a new product in comparison to its alternatives, and in this case I have selected another Moonshine fly rod in the Drifter series.

The drifter is more versatile than the Epiphany with a much wider range of sizes and lengths so you can pick something that is better suited to your personal needs. It is also much more affordable (even though it is still a premium reel).

Lengths Available7’6″to 11′10′ to 10’4″
Sizes Available3wt to 7wt2wt to 4wt
Weight2.8 oz3.1 oz
MaterialPerformance Graphite
AAA Cork Grip
High Modulus Graphite
AAAA Cork Grip
Titanium Frame SiC Guides

Video Review

Moonshine Rod Co have put together this video showcasing the Epiphany Series in action:

Bestseller No. 1
Moonshine Rod Co. The Epiphany Series (Euro/Czech Nymph Style) Fly Fishing Rod with Carrying Case...
  • HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION – One of our most popular rods since we introduced it in 2017, the...
  • DYNAMIC 4-PIECE ROD –  The blank on this fast-action rod has raven and concrete bindings, copper...
  • PORTABLE CORDURA TUBE – This rod comes with a durable, 5-compartment rod tube. Embroidered with...


  • Moderate Fast Action, Blackout Anti-Glare Blank with Raven Bindings, Metallic Copper and Concrete Accents
  • High Modulus Graphite
  • Burnt Orange Alignment Dots
  • Titanium Frame SiC Stripping Guide, Moved Up To the Butt Section (2wt & 3wt only), Reducing Line Sag
  • Light Wire Single Foot Guides with Snake on the Tip Sections. 13 Total Guides
  • AAAA Cork with Burled Ends
  • Downlocking Tiger Eye Reelseat with Engraved Fighting Butt
  • Matte Blackout Hardware with Skeletonized Ring and Delrin Bushing
  • 5 Compartment Embroidered Cordura Rod Tube
  • 2 Tip Sections
  • No-Fault, Lifetime Warranty to the Original Owner with Proof of Purchase


For anglers who are just getting into euro nymphing or looking to step up their nymphing game, the Epiphany series is a solid rod choice that will almost certainly be worth the investment. The Moonshine Rod Company offers a lifetime warranty with each one of its rod designs and the company is noted as one that offers outstanding customer service. When comparing the Epiphany to other styles of nymphing rods, the Moonshine Rod Company has clearly managed to strike a good balance between the different elements one might look for in a quality nymphing rod. 

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