Multitool for Fishing

So, leave the right - throw away the excess.

Multitool is a universal tool that combines many functions. There are several hundred multi-tools on the market, united by dozens of brands. Let's see which of the functions of fishing multi tool are necessary for a angler, and which ones can be dispensed with fishing.

Best 10 Multitool for Fishing


From the point of view of the layman, a fishing knife is necessary. But the knife in the multitool is only 8-12 cm long and with a narrow blade, because it is hidden in the handle. If I need a knife for fishing, I have a full knife - Moraknive, for example, or Marttinni. I don’t use a knife in multitool at all. But there are no multitools without knives, and therefore сome useful.

Serrated Knife

It seems the same narrow little knife, but with serreytornoy sharpening. But I use this knife from time to time. For he perfectly cuts any ropes, tows, twine or thick "wattle". It may come in handy when fishing. Сome useful.


We use regularly. With the narrow ends of the pliers, it’s quite convenient to insert tees into rings or equip jig baits. In addition, from time to time it is required to unscrew something, slightly grasping with pliers. Useful tool for angler.

Round Pliers

There are in sets of some multitools. Why are they fishing, it is not entirely clear. If you need to push the winding ring apart, so I have a special tool from Rapala, which is 10 times more convenient to do. Throw away.


Useless, from my point of view, a fishing tool. It is more suitable for a turner-homeworker than a fisherman. Such soft metal, which can be cut with such a file, is usually not available during fishing. And the one that is (metal hooks) is sawn only with a diamond file. Throw away.

Diamond File

But this is an absolutely indispensable fishing tool. After all, every hook, every snag makes the points of our hooks, doubles and tees blunt. Sharpen, sharpen and sharpen again. Diamond file. There are, of course, special hook sharpeners. But I personally do not like them. But the diamond file in my multitool is one of the most popular tools. Сome useful. Give two.

Large File

A large file is not the most useless tool in fishing multitool. I remember that one fall, we repaired a four-stroke outboard Nissan 18 hp engine using a multitool, an ax and a coil of wire. And the large file in the multitool then helped us a lot. Сome useful.


Have you had a bite to eat the first size tee that went into your fishing buddy's ear? Not? But my friend had to. And the angler with a tee in his ear was me. And if it were not for the pliers in the multitool, then we would have instead of further fishing to go to the nearest hospital, which was 140 kilometers from the fishing site. And so, after the “operation”, we lubricated a broken ear with alcohol and continued fishing, catching that trophy pike for 10 kg in weight that evening. Сome useful.


A rather inconvenient tool in all multitools. We tried to sew an awning with this awl, tried to sew a tent. It turns out pretty rough, but better than piercing with a screwdriver and pulling the cord. Сome useful, so be it.


In good American multitools there is a gorgeous two-row saw. I am delighted with her. Once, when I was fishing, I sawed out a seat for my fishing box from a centimeter laminated plywood. Who does not know, the seats of foam boxes break very quickly. And the seat drank by a multitool under me has been living for almost ten years now. So, this fishing tool is indispensable. Just do not hope that the saw in a cheap Chinese multitool will be as good as in an expensive American. Take a high-quality multitool, and there the saw will be as it should. Come useful.

Phillips screwdriver

Nowhere without her. Loosen the screws on the spinning reel, the screws on the spool of the winter fishing rod, the screws in the case of any fishing device. Yes, you never know what else. Сome useful.
Slotted screwdriver\

Same as a Phillips screwdriver. But it can still pry off the lid, enter a thin groove, push the turns of the winding ring. The right tool. Сome useful.

Bottle opener

Maybe someone comes in handy for fishing this tool. I personally do not. Glass bottles with iron caps have been replaced by plastic and tin. But usually this opener lives in tandem with a can opener. So, if you want, if you don’t want, you have to leave it. Сome useful.


By the way, it opens cans well. And protects the blades of our fishing knives. For to open a can with a good knife blade is a bad manners. Сome useful.


An absolutely indispensable thing for winter or float fishing. Because multitool scissors cut a monofilament perfectly. Although I usually use fishing line cutters during fly fishing, I always use multitool scissors for float and winter fishing - they have special serrated blades and the mono-fishing gear does not slip on them. Сome useful.

Screwdriver and Hex Bits

They are more suitable for a home master than for a fisherman. When fishing, sets of bits are constantly lost, clogged with all sorts of garbage and dirt. In addition, bit sets are quite heavy. And for those who wear a multitool in a belt pouch, this is extra weight. And yet - have you ever tried to quickly find an adapter for bits when you really need it? Throw away.

Small spanners

Useless multitool fishing tools. There are no such nuts in the public domain when fishing. And if they are, they are usually hidden in wells, for example, on coils, and they cannot be approached with a wrench in the multitool - a special key is required. Throw away.


Well, why, tell me, is a corkscrew fishing? Fishermen drink vodka or beer while fishing. At worst - cognac. Well, and why, after that, on a fishing corkscrew? Throw away.


Little useless lighting for keyholes and car lock locks. I have a headlamp with me on a fishing trip, a second spare headlamp, a large hand-held flashlight, and a flashlight also built into the fishing box. I forgot, there are still lights in the boat and in my SUV. So a small flashlight in multitool is useless. Throw away.

So, we summarize. A good multitool - like a good Swiss men's watch - should contain everything you need and nothing more. The composition of the multitool for the fisherman should include a knife - a serreitor, pliers, a diamond file, a file, nippers, a saw, Phillips and slotted screwdrivers, a can opener and scissors. It is necessary. Everything else is optional

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