Okuma Cedros High Speed Spinning Reel Review


A fishing reel is something that fascinates anglers. They love to go through the features of the options to pick their favorite. 

The Okuma Cedros high speed spinning reel is a technically crafted, highly engineered device that supports dragging, casting and hooking.

Okuma Cedros High Speed Spinning Reel (CJ-80S)
  • DFD: Precision Dual Force Drag System
  • ALC: Rigid, die-cast-aluminum Frame
  • Patented Elliptical Oscillation System

Quantitative Score

Performance – 4/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Durability – 4/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Value for Money – 3/5 ⭐⭐⭐

Overall – 4/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Okuma Cedros Reel Features

Excellent Coating Meant for Durability

The aluminium coating of the device with water resisting body and simplified structure is something that makes this device one of the special items in the entire market. The Aluminium body is light but at the same time gives the Okuma Cedros High Speed Reel extra protection in terms of water entering the rotor.

The rotor gear parts and the side blades are entirely secured inside, making the reel one of the better crafted items among all the fishing reels. The extra light feature of the item is also enhanced by the compact size and that allows for a more comfortable handling for longer periods.

Drag Technology 

The rotor of the reel requires little maintenance. Just use it and keep it safe for the next fishing expedition. The DFD made rotor will allow you for double powered dragging.

With the six different models the weight is the same but the gear functions are different and that changes the drag ability. With the different gears, you can drag fish up to 33 lbs, but that starts from 21 lbs. Okuma Cedros spinning reel is not only designed to give you a more powerful dragging effect but at the same time, the DFD technique will add extra smoothness to the reel.

Elliptical Gearing System 

This particular technologically applied engineering is meant for serving different purposes at the same time. You will get perfect precision and balance .

The elliptical gear system of the Okuma Cedros high speed fishing reel is one of the reasons why the device is extra sleek and extra light. This affects the casting process and makes that even smoother. The device automatically allows you to cast for a longer distance.

Quick Set Anti-Reversal Effect 

At every stage this reel is highly engineered.The Okuma Cedros fishing reel has only 5 bearings, 4 ball bearings and 1 roller bearing.

The ball bearings are entirely protected with an aluminium water-resistant body, but beyond that, there is the quality of the bearings. The bearings are not the general stainless steel bearings; rather they are HQ bearings, where each of the bearings acts as if they are replacing three bearings.

Apart from the ball bearings that add extra smoothness, there is the roller bearing that acts as the quick set anti-reversing agent – making this an excellent fishing reel.


  • Enabled with high-tech engineering the Okuma Cedros HQ spinning reel is one of the best performing fishing reels on the market.
  • The reel is long lasting and has a corrosion resistant body. Itis enabled with DFD technology and that increases the smoothness of action and ease in drag.
  • The reel can drag up to 33 lbs . Gear function is good and the elliptical gear makes the reel sleek and easily handled.
  • Greater accuracy during casting and cranking
  • Four high performing ball bearings add an edge to its engineering.


  • The reel is low weight, but it is not equipped with added wind protection. Hence, anglers face some issues whien fishing in severe wind conditions.

Video Review

Okuma Cedros High Speed Spinning Reel

ON SALE $20.01 OFFBestseller No. 1
OKUMA Reels Cedros Spinning 6Bb + 1Rb 5.4:1, Multi, One Size
  • Aluminum/Mag alloy construction
  • Dual anti-reverse system
  • CFR: Cyclonic Flow Rotor


ModelGear ratioBearingsWeight
Line retrieve(cm)Max Drag
Mono line capacity(mm)
CJ-4000H5.8:16BB+1RB38090cm15kg0.25mm/280, 0.30/185, 0.35/130
CJ-5000H5.8:16BB+1RB39795cm15kg0.30mm/240, 0.35/170, 0.40/125
CJ-6000H5.8:16BB+1RB405101cm15kg0.30mm/315, 0.35/220, 0.40/165
CJ-80005.4:16BB+1RB624104cm20kg0.40mm/230, 0.45/180, 0.50/140
CJ-100005.4:16BB+1RB643112cm20kg0.40mm/290, 0.45/220, 0.50/175
CJ-140005.4:16BB+1RB646116cm20kg0.40mm/370, 0.45/290, 0.50/230

FAQs About Okuma Cedros High Speed Spinning Reel

What is the weight of this reel?

The weight of the reel is approx. 1.44 pounds.

Is the device applicable for saltwater fishing?

Yes, Okuma Cedros HS fishing reel is applicable for saltwater fishing.

Does the buying pack contain an extra spool?

No, you will have to contact the Okuma service team and purchase one if needed.


Highly crafted and excellently engineered fishing reel, the Okuma Cedros High Speed Spinning Reef is one of the top-rated items available in the store. The Rotor and gears make for excellent casting and dragging force .

Putting all the things together, this is a device that really creates a difference for the anglers.

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