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For any angler, there are two important things that should be taken care of – the fishing reel and the fishing rod. Both of these are expensive and experienced anglers can be extremely picky when selecting them. While willing to go through the features of each product, they also look for some specific brands and their capabilities.

The Okuma Celilo fishing rod is one such fishing item, which has some important, key features that create a high quality fishing rod. Durable body, balanced, outstanding reel support, and many more things make it one of the best fishing rods available in any marketplace.

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Okuma Celilo Graphite Salmon/Steelhead Spinning Rods, CE-S-962MLa, Green, 9-Feet 6-Inch, Medium...
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Excellently Hard and Balanced Body

The body of a fishing rod is one of the top attributes to pay attention to. This is the material that is going to give the essential balance to the fishing rod. In this OKUMA Celilo Graphite Ultra Light Trout Rods, you will get the essential balance that all angler’s are looking for. 

Made out of graphite and hollow from inside, this is the fishing rod that is going to give you good performance in most aspect. The use of graphite in the fishing rod gives additional balance, but at the same time reduces the weight of the rod significantly. 

Excellent Casting Support 

Casting is dependent on the fishing reel, but the fishing rod is something that’s going to give additional support. This Okuma Celilo fishing rod is equipped in a way that is going to give the best outcomes. Due to the balance that it attains from the graphite material, the single rod design, and the light weight, this product is made in a way that is going to allow you to cast further. 

It is not only good for casting, but the fishing rod also has the essential strength that you need during exertion of dragging force. Its short height and it’s well built construction gives a great overall result.

Guide and Hooks 

The guides of the fishing rod, the hook of it and the hoods are the three important things that add benefit for the users, irrespective of their skills and age. These are basically the things that add an extra element to the rod and gives a better grip to the users. In fact, these three elements along with the comfort of the reel improve the durability of the spinning rod

This OKUMA Celilo Graphite Trout rod has all the elements made of either stainless steel or aluminum to give you the best output and the best longevity. Thus, when you have this fishing rod with you there is nothing that can resist you from catching more fish.

Grip Comfort 

The grip of the fishing rod is the final thing that adds the extra element to it. This is the thing that adds slippage proof element and hence adds extra quality to the fishing aid at the time of your angling. In some of the fishing rods, you will get an aero-glass material in it and that makes the rod strong, but the gripping of the fishing rod becomes tough there. This is not the case with this Okuma Celilo spinning rod. 

It has a rubber cork type grip that is long enough to support you during exertion of deeper dragging force. Many times, the rubber gets corroded and the main stick gets exposed. During that time, the angler faces issues with the fishing rod.

In this rod, you will not have to face the same issue. You will find the rubber grip to be covered and laminated with synthetic. This increases the performance and the durability of the rod to a greater extent.

Suitable Length to Exert Force

In most of the fishing rods that are available in the store, you will find that the edge is longer and that ends up providing a better casting to the users. Though the casting is not always perfect, it can be made to a longer distance. In case of dragging too, the long edges bend down a lot and that makes the force exertion tougher for the users. 

In case you are a beginner, this creates more issues for you. In this OKUMA Celilo Graphite Ultra Light Rods, you will get a short length of 4 and half feet and that makes the rod much more targeted toward accuracy.


  • The body of the rod is made of graphite and composite which increases the durability of the product and reduces the weight 
  • Stainless steel Hook of the OKUMA Celilo Ultra Light Trout Rods provides great support for the users of all experience
  • The guide of the product has better durability due to the Aluminium oxide get up
  • The grip of the rod has a fore and rear corked support that helps you to grip better and exerts a better drag force on your fish
  • The rod is shorter in length and that helps in the pressure providing an edge for the users. The rod has great functionality and can be used with both hands, by any type of users


  • Since the grip is made of rubber and synthetic is laminated over the grip, it can be slippery, especially when you are using the rod with wet hands
  • The short length of the fishing rod makes it tough to cast long distances

Okuma Celilo Video Review

If you want to see this rod in action, then watch this video by Tackle Tactics TV:

Okuma Celilo Fishing Rod

Bestseller No. 1
okuma Celilo Graphite Lightweight Ultra Light Trout Rods, CE-S-662UL-1
  • crafted from the highest quality material ensuring quality and durability
  • "6'6"", ultralite 2 piece"
  • made in the u.s.a.

Made Using The Highest Quality Materials


CE-S-461UL-121~4 LBS1/32~3/164 + TIP6-1/44′ 6ULM1-PCS3.0
CE-S-502UL-121~4 LBS1/32~3/164 + TIP6-1/45′ 0ULM2-PCS3.2
CE-S-562UL-122~6 LBS1/32~1/45 + TIP6-1/45′ 6ULM2-PCS3.4
CE-S-602UL-122~6 LBS1/32~1/45 + TIP6-1/46′ 0ULM2-PCS3.5
CE-S-662UL-122~6 LBS1/32~3/86 + TIP6-1/46′ 6ULM2-PCS3.6
CE-S-702L-12-3/44~10 LBS3/16~5/87 + TIP7-3/87′ 0LM2-PCS3.8
CE-S-762L-12-3/44~10 LBS3/16~5/87 + TIP7-3/87′ 6LM2-PCS3.9
CE-S-762UL2-1/22-6LBS1/32-3/87 + TIP6-1/47′ 6ULM2-PCS3.9
CE-S-802UL2-1/22-6LBS1/32-3/88 + TIP9-1/28’0ULM2-PCS4.8

FAQs About OKUMA Celilo Graphite Ultra Light Rods

What is the length of the Celilo rod?

There are multiple rod lengths available from 4’6″ to 8’0″.

What is the weight of the Celilo rod?

This is an ultra-lightweight rod and comes in a range from 3.0 oz to 3.8 oz.

What is the material that has been used in this rod?

The rod is made with a graphite body.

Is the Celilo available in 2 pieces?

Yes, some of the longer length rods from 5’0″ are available in 2 pieces which can assist in storage and transportation.


There are some of the products in the store that are engineered in such a way that makes it a particularly awesome fishing rod for all types of users. The OKUMA Celilo Graphite Ultra Light fishing Rods is exactly one such rod.

Its height and its features are such that, anyone, with any experience and of any age can use it with ease.

So, have it and get the best output in style.

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