Okuma Makaira Reel Review [Tested 2021]

Okuma Makaira Reel is a product that combines the best of two leading companies in the field of fishing rods technology and manufacturing. The product has been manufactured by Okuma that has used its manufacturing expertise while the essential engineering has come from Tiburon Technology.

Here, we are going to present to you our unbiased Okuma Makaira Reel Review.

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Okuma Makaira Reel Review

The product boasts 4D: Design, Drag, Drive, and Durability. It has been developed from scratch with each part given proper attention. The engineering and manufacturing ethos of the Okuma Makaira Reel is based on creating a stronger core for the reel.

This was possible only when each of the components that goes into making the reel complete is strong. That’s why it is not only one of the best performing but also the strongest reels for serious offshore anglers.

In terms of the core technology that offers this reel its inherent strength, the use of forging technology is significant. Most of the components, which are made of aluminum, have been put through a forging process that makes them extra compact and strong. Forging is an engineering process in which metal parts are put through extreme heat and pressure to squeeze out air and other materials from the metal and make them more compact.

These forged metal reels perform better in harsh conditions than those prepared through die-cast or machining processes.

Key features

  • Great spinning reel for big games
  • Smooth reel, massive and sealed drag system
  • High-quality design and manufacturing
  • Strong and durable due to forged aluminum


Okuma Makaira Reels are very thoughtfully-designed and exquisitely manufactured. They are full of attractive features. Here, we make a detailed review of each of the major components to see how they perform on each of these counts.

Made of forged aluminum and steel

The main structure of Okuma Makaira Reels is made of forged aluminum that makes them the strongest reels available on the market. On top of that, the pinion gear is made of high-quality forged stainless steel. All the components in the reel are made by machine-cutting of forged metals. They are much stronger than many other varieties of reels made by machine-cutting of stainless steel, bronze, and aluminum.


Okuma Makaira reels come in left-hand and right-hand versions. Before placing your order, you must decide which one you need. This can be quite an issue for an expensive product like this. You may be willing to have a reel that can be used by either of the hands so that anyone can use them. But Okuma has persisted with the precision that left-hand and right-hand feature lends to the rod. But you can overcome the problem by buying another handle on the other hand, and the rest of the machinery will work all the same.

Dual anti-reverse system

The Okuma Makaira reels have been designed for a flawless performance. For this, a dual anti-reverse mechanism that uses a one-way roller bearing and German stainless steel has been used. This is further strengthened by a ratchet that sits on the back of the main gear.

Dual force drag system

Okuma Makaira features a DFD system that is capable of delivering up to 70 lbs of drag in more than 60 different settings. For this, there is a drag dial mounted on the spool. This is one of those features that decisively put this reel above the rest. This unique feature makes this reel work more like a lever drag conventional reel. This helps anglers pre-set drag depending on the drag output required or the target species. The drag dial has 20 different setting numbers but it can be set in 60 different settings.

Cyclonic Flow rotor

This part of the reel is made by machine-cutting of forged aluminum. This gives a circular or cyclonic air-flow that helps the drying of the reel during the retrieval.

Spool and Shaft

This reel uses an oversized spool shaft made of high-grade (17.4) stainless steel. It lowers the flex from the anodized spools with an LCS lip design. 

Corrosion-proof coating

Okuma Makaira reels feature a strong coat of Corrosion-X HD. This covers both the internal and external surfaces of all the components in the reel. Corrosion-X HD is a well-regarded anti-corrosion paint that protects the surface from moisture that may result in rust and corrosion.

Hydro Sealed Body

Okuma Makaira reel is designed in such a manner that it can be used in saltwater fishing without anything to worry about corrosion. The reel is secured against the penetration of water or corrosion due to salt. The entire interior is sealed with O ring and gaskets.

Types of Okuma Makaira reels

Okuma Makaira reels are available in the following models:

  • Mk-10ii: 380 yards – 20lb
  • Mk-15ii: 410 yards – 25lb
  • Mk-20ii: 660 yards – 30lb
  • Mk-30ii: 700 yards – 40lb
  • Mk-50wii: 780 yards – 60lb
  • Mk-80wii: 850 yards – 100lb


  • Made with forged aluminum and steel
  • Equipped with cyclonic flow rotor
  • Hydro sealed body and system
  • 60 different levels of drag settings
  • Dual Force Drag system


  • Need another handle to use it by either of the hands

Video Review


ModelGear ratioBearingsWeight (g)Line retrieve(cm)Mono line capacity (mm)Max Drag @ Strike with FreespoolMax Drag @ Full with FreespoolFrame Style
MK-8II4.7:1 & 2.1:14BB + 1TB68585.1 & 38.10.37/320, 0.42/260, 0.48/19512.3 kg15.4 kgTopless
MK-10II4.7:1 & 2.1:14BB + 1TB74085.1 & 38.10.37/420, 0.42/350, 0.48/26012.3 kg15.4 kgTopless
MK-15II4.7:1 & 2.1:14BB + 1TB78085.1 & 38.10.42/500, 0.48/370, 0.55/28012.3 kg15.4 kgTopless
MK-16II4.3:1 & 1.3:14BB + 1TB116099.6 & 30.00.37/910, 0.42/795, 0.48/59015.4 kg21.7 kgTopless
MK-20II3.8:1 & 1.7:14BB + 1TB1298100.1 & 44.50.48/800, 0.55/600, 0.60/48016.8 kg25.0 kgTopless
MK-30II3.8:1 & 1.7:14BB + 1TB1417100.1 & 44.50.55/700, 0.60/640, 0.70/50016.8 kg25.0 kgCrossbar
MK-50II3.2:1 & 1.3:14BB + 1TB174196.0 & 38.90.55/910, 0.70/590, 0.90/36027.2 kg39.0 kgTopless
MK-50WII3.2:1 & 1.3:14BB + 1TB184396.0 & 38.90.70/820, 0.75/710, 0.90/51027.2 kg39.0 kgCrossbar
MK-80WII3.1:1 & 1.2:16BB + 1TB3289116.1 & 52.90.90/910, 1.00/770, 1.12/60032.1 kg45.4 kgCrossbar
MK-130II2.2:1 & 1.2:16BB + 1TB4750100.8 & 55.10.90/1450, 1.00/1170, 1.12/92034.1 kg45.4 kgCrossbar

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a fishing reel that is truly well-engineered and well-built, you should go for Okuma Makaira. It comes with stellar features and is meant for pros. Whether you are fishing in saltwater or freshwater, this high-performance reel is going to keep you in good stead. It is made to withstand the harsh conditions of salty seawater. In terms of ergonomics, it has an issue that you can use it with only one hand. If you want it to be used by both left and right hands, you will have to use another handle.

Okuma Makaira Reel Review finds that the Makaira is a great tool for big game fishing. No matter which fish species you are going to fish, with this reel you are never short of confidence and precision. It has a strong body due to the forged aluminum used in its making. The interior of this reel is watertight thanks to the 23 seals used for this purpose. It is good enough to last for years.

If you are looking for more information then please have a read through Okuma’s official documentation.

Happy fishing!

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