Penn Clash Spinning Reel Review – The Lightest Penn Reel

Penn is one of the oldest companies that dedicate itself in the segment of fishing aid making. Each and every product developed by them is of such quality that professionals do prefer its items blindly. While they go shopping, they check the different products of Penn and choose one from there, but never put their glance on any other objects.

The Penn Clash Spinning Reel is such one item in the store that will meet all your demands in one knock. CNC gear technology in this device makes it, even more, a fabulous product. Leveling oscillation technique in the device is another support that helps the users a balance during casting.

Penn Clash Spinning Fishing Reel
237 Reviews
Penn Clash Spinning Fishing Reel
  • Saltwater spinning reel delivers durability, smoothness, and precision for technical anglers
  • Durable construction with fully machined CNC gear train, full metal body, and heavy-duty aluminum bail wire
  • HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers and wave spring provide smooth drag that doesn't bottom out

Casting ease – cast long and steady

For the professionals, dragging and casting – these are the two most important aspects. While dragging helps them to drag the fishes into the boat, casting helps them to make them decide the throw of the line into the water body.

The Penn Clash long casting Spinning Reel is having an excellent feature of casting, where you will not only be able to cast long, but the casting is so balanced that you will be able to cast at the exact location, where you intend to place the lining. Leveling oscillation technique has been introduced in this reel to enable this support. 

Dragging 10 lbs easily 

Dragging aid determines not the weight of the device of reeling, but it determines the weight it can drag up to the boat. This exclusive Penn Clash easy dragging Spinning Reel has the capacity to drag up a fish that can weigh up to 10 lbs. 

This is another reason why professionals do like this product so much. The weight of the device is extremely low. In fact, among all the reels available from Penn, this is the lowest weighted one. It only weights 8.2 oz or 2 lbs. So, it can be well understood that the device is one of the best product that can be availed online, which is lightweight, which has good dragging capacity and which is also having perfection in casting. 

Completely protected casing – ease of usage

Now there is no need to have different reels for sea usage and lake usage. This reel is one of the best available products in the store that is going to serve all the purposes. The product is saltwater protective for the excellent hardcover surrounding of it.

Outstanding nature of the device, like long casting ability and rich dragging functionalities makes it one of the versatile products that are available in the market. In terms of making, the device is having Carbon-fiber washers that are aided for your drag. Rest that Resin body that covers the rotor too eases the protection of the Penn Clash stunning Spinning Reel. Hard coat of the device otherwise with carbon body makes it lighter too in terms of weight, while compared to other fishing reels from Penn. 

Best slippage protection 

Slippage protection is another value-added thing that professional fishers do prefer. This facility allows them to continue fishing for long hours and that too without any disturbances and breakage.

Slippage not only makes the fisher feel awkward but when that happens at the middle of the fishing experience, the entire exercise has to be done afresh. This the loss of time, energy and mindset all makes a big difference after being combined with each other. The extensive CNC gear technology aided with bearing balls made of stainless steel gives a perfect aid in terms of slippage protection to the Penn Clash spectacular Spinning Reel. 

Anti-reversing function

The final thing that is to care is regarding reversing the lining. Auto-reversing is the natural support that you can aid from the device for the bearing that is made available with it. There are altogether 5 stainless bear balls and they help in braiding superbly.

The Penn Clash Spinning Reel is having an excellent anti-reversing function too, which is very much helpful for the professional fishers. Reversing functions are sometimes to be stopped so that the essentially of the situation can be controlled with better hands. To stop that, this reel is having an excellent bearing function that controls the ultimate reverse within a second.


  • The reel from Penn is extremely lightweight and featured with excellent body stubbornness. Resin cover of the device makes it very much strong from outside and protects the best quality rotor to be damaged from saltwater.
  • The resin cover of the device on the rotor part is added with a carbon cover on the drag area. This makes the device extremely lightweight too, along with the ease of dragging and casting.
  • Casting is made perfect in this Penn Clash Lightweight Spinning Reel with the gear functions. The CNC gear function helps the users not only to cast at a distance but also in casting with perfection too.
  • The device has been designed in a way that it can be protected to slippage and also to reversing functions. The auto-reversing function in the device can be locked with a single key.


  • At unpredictably weather conditions, especially in some strong wind, casting becomes a problem of the extremely light weight of the device.
  • Although the device is outstanding in terms of all its features, dragging weight that it can bear is only 10 lbs, which is not often preferred by the professional fishers. However, the item is elsewhere very good for use and hence is a good choice to be carried anywhere for a fun-fishing.
Penn Clash Spinning Reel Review – The Lightest Penn Reel

Penn Clash Spinning Reel

Penn Clash Spinning Reel Review – The Lightest Penn ReelPenn Clash Spinning Fishing Reel

The lightest Penn Reel

FAQs Related to Penn Clash Spinning Reel

What is the weight of the item?

The device is extremely lightweight. It only weights 2 lbs.

How much weight it can drag?

It can drag a weight not more than 10 lbs.

What is the gear ratio of the device?

The gear ratio of the item is 6.2:1.

Is the item saltwater resistant?

Yes, the device is resistant to saltwater and sand too. It has a resin and carbon cover to do the same.

Does the item allow anti-reversing effect?

The device supports the anti-reversing effect, where a bear ball is used with a rubber gutter to protect the auto-reversing effect.


This saltwater resistant fishing reel is outstanding for the lightweight of it, excellent device balance and other features like dragging perfection, casting accuracy and gear functions. In the market, according to the reviews of the professionals, this is one of the most durable fishing reels available anywhere. So, make worth of your money and get this product for yourself.

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Penn Clash Spinning Reel Review – The Lightest Penn Reel

Penn Clash Spinning Reel

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