Penn Fierce II Spinning Reel Review – The Real Durable Fishing Reel

Penn is one of the preferred brands among the professional fishers and that is mainly due to the quality material it provides in all the cases. The Penn fierce II spinning reel is perfectly such an example item from the company. Beautiful looking black item, spotted with red linens is covered with metal body and that makes it highly durable and featured item in the entire store.

Excellently durable, this item is great for dragging and perfect for actualized casting too. The techno-balanced rotor of the item and excellent side plating makes the device a most viewed item in the store. Available in different sizes, this device has a wide range of supporting features too.

PENN Fierce II Spinning Live Liners
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PENN Fierce II Spinning Live Liners
  • Full metal body and side plate keep precise gear alignment under heavy loads
  • Well-balanced rotor gives smooth retrieves
  • 4+1 shielded stainless steel ball Bearings

Excellent dragging support with no slippage

The device is available in different sizes. The minimum sized one is capable to drag a fish of 13 lbs whereas the larger one is able to drag 25 lbs fish too. In each of the cases, the reel remains very much steady and the latest techno support in it, with rubber gutter, makes it rigid and balanced.

For the gutter effect, slippage chances are often reduced to null in this Penn fierce ii fishing reel. Super-line spool with line-lay marked in three categories makes the device even more perfect for dragging.

The dragging regulator is attached at the head or the center of the device and is perfectly aligned to give the best support for the professionals. Made of carbon these dragging washers are very much durable and increases withstanding ability at toughest conditions. 

Outstanding casting support for the professionals 

Dragging is something that needs immense skill, but casting is not. Perfecting the casting process, on the other hand, needs professional hands on it and that is aided by this device. Superior leverage and torque providing rotor of the device gives additional support for all.

The best part of the device is however not in the rotor but in the excellent functions of the line-lay, which helps in casting perfection too. With this device, you are not only able to cast to a distance over 300 yards, but it is going to give extra satisfaction in terms of perfection.

This perfection is balanced by the gearing function in the Penn fierce ii Torque special reel, which serves you and all the professionals with absolute ease. 

Stunning metal body 

The metal body of the devices is common in terms of fishing aids. Almost all the brands will provide you the same feature, but Penn is always different in its approach and here too it marked its uniqueness with the body.

In terms of look and feel the body of the device is perfectly aligned with side plates and inside the located techno-enabled rotor. The metal body of the Penn fierce ii spinning fishing reel is such that it can be easily used in the saltwater and not only that, you can drop the same in some spur – it would not at all make any difference to the system, by any means. 

In terms of look and feel, the black metallic body with red lined linen looks fabulous. Aided with side bent handle, the reel looks excellent. However, the look is not the matter here, at least then when the durability of the device is considered. You can consider this device to be one of the best available devices in the market, where professionals remain eager to praise its durability.

Bearing functions – an excellent anti-reversal technique 

Reversal feature is there in all the fishing aids and most of the reels. In the case of reversing, the difference is created through the smoothness of the functioning. With four stainless steel ball bearing this function is perfectly made easy in this device.

The bearings being guarded with a seal, durability is enhanced to several levels in this Penn fierce ii fishing spinning reel.

The wonderfully aligned device is having an excellent anti-reversing feature too. The instant auto-reversing technique in this device is an outstanding and that is only possible for the oscillation that it holds at the line-lay. The line lay, on the other hand, is well marked with three gradations for the users to identify the difference well. 


  • The device is laid out with a body that is perfectly durable. Excellent in appearance, it is also good in the saltwater. So, this device can be used both for fishing in saltwater as well as in the freshwater.
  • The ultimate design of the device has been well engineered too. The bearing system and the gear function of the device have been perfectly laid so that the device can survive for a long time, Not only from the sense of durability but dragging ability in the device is outstanding unless the limit is reached. Limit of dragging in this device is 25 lbs.
  • The Penn fierce ii reels are also very good at casting. It can be used for casting till a distance of 310 yards and hence can be used by the professionals well for their purpose. During the casting process, the balance this device holds in it is something that has to be watched out.
  • Stainless steel bearing balls of the device and the instant anti-reversing function of it prove the control gear has on the rotor.


  • The device is a little bit weighty. Many of the professionals do not like this extra bit of weight. However, according to Penn fierce ii spinning reel review of some, this extra weight helps the device to remain well balanced.
  • The anti-reversing function of the device is instant and in that case, the gear puts excessive pressure on the rotor. At times this excess pressure makes the gear break down.
Penn Fierce II Spinning Reel Review – The Real Durable Fishing Reel

Penn Fierce II Spinning Fishing Reel

Penn Fierce II Spinning Reel Review – The Real Durable Fishing ReelPenn Fierce II Spinning Fishing Reel

Full metal body and sideplate keep precise gear alignment under heavy loads

FAQs About Penn Fierce II Spinning Reel

What is the weight of the device? 

The weight of the device is 12.3 oz – a little bit weighty.

Is there an additional spool available with the device?

No, to get one you will have t contact Penn service center. 

What is the drag limit of the item? 

The drag limit rages for the different sizes of the device. For the lowest one it is 13 lbs and for the most powerful, it is 25 lbs. 

How much distance can be cast with this reel? 

The Penn fierce ii long-casting reel casts a distance up to 310 yards, but this again is dependent on the size of the reel you avail.


This item from Penn is one of the best products that can be availed in the market. it has got all the qualities that are usually searched in fishing reel by the professionals. Right from dragging capacity, till the built of the device, it is simply awesome. So, get this one for yourself, as you will then own the worthiest item from the full store.

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Penn Fierce II Spinning Reel Review – The Real Durable Fishing Reel

Penn Fierce II Spinning Reel Review

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