Pflueger President Spinning Reel Review – The Fishing Reel That Improves Your Accuracy

Featured with perfection, the Pflueger President Spinning Reel is one of the top-selling products in the entire market. The extremely nourished and sophistically engineered product has been set up in a style that is going to give all the anglers an amazing experience, while they take back this reel in their fishing ground.

Strongly made the metal body with best quality fiber enameled handle and metal cased rotor makes this device a little heavier than the other available items, but the balance it gives to the users while doing the casting or while they remain engaged in dragging makes this device the best quality one.

Pflueger President Spinning Reel
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Pflueger President Spinning Reel
  • 9 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings; 6920 has 6 ball bearings
  • On/Off instant anti-reverse bearing
  • Lightweight graphite body and rotor

Specialized Hard-core Body Adds Balance 

The balance of the fishing reel is the thing that determines whether that can be used in bad weather condition or windy situation or not. There are many devices that give extended dragging support or that gives an outstanding range of casting, but this device provides you average support in each of the cases.

Still, this device is rated high for the extreme balance it provides to the anglers. The hardcore body of the device is highly responsible in this case.

The metal body of the device, with carbon enamel over the washers, gives the device a fancy look and outstanding performance for a long time. For this reason, this Pflueger President Fishing Reel is designated to be one of the most durable devices available in the market.

Additional support is also provided by the bent handle which is having aluminum inside but coated with a soft rubber-like fiber, promising you better handling of the device, every time you use it.

Good for Casting and Dragging 

The distance that you can cover with this device in the freshwater big lakes is not more than 185 yards, but the perfection that you can find here is really outstanding.

The balance of the device is so good that even windy condition will not distract you in actuating the casting. In terms of dragging, this device is not for big fishing.

It will allow you to enjoy fishing up to a weight of 8 lbs. Here again, the smooth effect that you will find for the gearing and bearing function is opulent. You will experience this opulence, every time you go fishing with your boat in freshwater lakes. 

Line Casing and Gear Function – Excellent Anti-Reversing Effect 

Gear function here is extremely smooth in the case of Pflueger President Reel. More than it, the ball bearings that are attached with the device is so safely coated that it lasts for a long time.

The spool and the lay-lines are covered with a stainless steel body part and that protects the device from damage too. Finally speaking, the device is having some of the best functionalities, while reversing function is considered.

It has a roller bear too that helps in anti-reversing. This function is present in almost all the devices used by the professionals, but the specialty in this device is its instant stoppage effect. This puts exertion on the spinning effect of the device as well as in the slippage proofing of the device too. 

Weight and Bearing Support – Extremely Smooth Operation Confirmed

The device is one of the lightest available devices in the entire market. The weight of Pflueger President super-light Reel is just over 8 ounce. Hence you can feel the light weight of the device easily. Coming to the smooth effect of the device, it contains 10 bearing functions, all aligned with the computerized alignment technique to give you an excessively smooth operation.

Excellently crafted bearing system is cased with steel and that protects the device also in the saltwater circumstances. Thus, when you have this device with you, there is nothing better you can hold – especially when you are a lover of fishing. 


  • Extremely lightweight device is having hardcore casing and excellent rotor and gearbox. Aluminum cover with fiber enamel makes the device one of the most finely tuned one among all available devices.
  • The Pflueger President Smooth-Spinning Reel is having 10 bears with excellent smooth running effect and outstanding reversing effect. The device is also having one roller bearing to stop auto reversing instantly.
  • With average dragging support of 8 lbs and casting range of 185 yards, this device focuses on perfection while casting is concerned. Its perfection is such that most of the professional anglers, proficient in freshwater fishing, prefer this device above the others.
  • Finely crafted fishing reel from Pflueger is one of the lightest devices available in the market with a balance that puts it over every other item.


  • The device is not suitable for saltwater fishing. So, if you have the wish to carry a single fishing reel that will serve you in the saltwater as well as freshwater lakes, you will have to choose some other devices.
  • Dragging support the device provides is much lesser when compared to other devices available in the market. Although the device is having an extreme balancing capacity, for the low dragging support, many times the device is opted out by the anglers.
  • Casting distance of the device is also much lesser when compared with similar fishing reels available in the store. However, perfection or accuracy level, the device provides is outstanding.
Pflueger President Spinning Reel Review – The Fishing Reel That Improves Your Accuracy

Pflueger President Spinning Reel

Pflueger President Spinning Reel Review – The Fishing Reel That Improves Your AccuracyPflueger President Spinning Reel

The President® delivers features and performance that will impress over and over again.

FAQs About Pflueger President Spinning Reel

What is the weight of the device? 

The device weighs much less. It is only 8.2 oz in weight. 

How much weight the Pflueger President Spinning Reel can drag? 

The fishing reel can drag up to a weight of 8lbs. 

What is the range of the device in casting? 

The device allows casting till 185 yards. 

How many gears the device has? 

The gear is configured with 10 gears for a smooth functioning

Is this fishing reel suitable for saltwater? 

No, the device is not meant for saltwater fishing. It is only suitable for freshwater. 


There are many devices available in the online store related to fishing aid, but this device is meant for all anglers who want to check out a reel that can be used casually.

Although used casually, the Pflueger President Crafted Spinning Reel is one of the well built and one of the lightest weight devices among all. So, check out this right device. If it matches with your range and dragging need, then this one is the best of all.

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Pflueger President Spinning Reel Review – The Fishing Reel That Improves Your Accuracy

Pflueger President Spinning Reel

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