Shimano FXS 2 Pieces Spinning Rod Review [2021 Update]

This is an ultra light fishing rod particularly due to the material from which it is made. It is excellent for ease of casting and is know for its durability.

  • Durable Aeroglass Blank Construction
  • Reinforced Aluminum Oxide Guides
  • Solid Locking Graphite Reel Seat
Bestseller No. 1
Shimano FX 7'0 MH Freshwater Spinning Fishing Rod
  • The FX series of two-piece rods was created for anglers for all ages and skill levels
  • These versatile rods cover a wide variety of applications and lengths; and they can be enjoyed on any stream; river or lake; or for light saltwater applications
  • Reinforced with durable Aeroglass blank construction that gives incredible sensitivity and aluminum oxide guides for smooth line flow on every cast and retrieve

Durability and Build 

The Shimano FXS aero-glass spinning rod is is a highly durable rod. Made from aero-glass, this not only means a long lasting rod but a light weight rod.

Sometimes an extremely lightweight rod is not entirely functional, but this is not the case

with the Shimano FXS. The balance of the rod allows you long casting depending on the type of reel.

Casting Ease and Accuracy 

As the guides of the FXS fishing rod are made of aluminum oxide, that increases the accuracy of casting at all levels. You will enjoy a simple and easy line flow. Moreover, the ease of action, low weight and the simplified engineering makes the Shimano fxs aero-glass fishing rod one of the better rods for casting.

It is also very good in cranking and retrieving. According to the expert anglers, this rod is preferred by both beginners and professional anglers, due to the ease of handling.

Gripping Firmness 

The grip of a fishing rod is extremely important . It contributes to the firmness on the fishing rod and also improves efficiency during angling. With the Shimano fxs rubber-gripped spinning rod you will get a firm grip that is comfortable for gripping and at the same time the grip reduces slipping when hands are wet. It is also resistant to all types of water conditions. So, wherever you are angling, whether that is offshore or onshore, this fishing rod is not going to slip from your hands.

Two-Piece Rod – Suitable for All Anglers 

The Shimano fxs 2 piece angling rod is made in two parts and they are constructed in a way that they will never come apart regardless of the dragging force you apply on it.

You will not lose your grip on this rod and you can be of any age and any skill level and find this rod suitable.


  • The fishing rod is extremely lightweight and has a body that is going to last for a long time. Even with such a low weight is is an excellent perfromer
  • It is superb in casting and it allows excellent force in case of dragging. You can use this Shimano fxs rubber-gripped fishing rod, made of hollow aero-glass both on and off shore.
  • The body of the fishing rod is resistant to all types of corrosion and that adds durability to the item as well. The grip is long and made from rubber thus ensuring less chance of slippage.
  • This fishing rod is made in two parts and they are well constructed. Anglers of any age, irrespective of their skills, can use this fishing rod.


  • The fishing rod has a rubber grip, but with use this rubber degrades.
  • The full length of the fishing rod is 8 ft and when that is elongated, the join of the rod is such that you can face issues during casting

Shimano FXS 2 Pieces Spinning Rod

Bestseller No. 1
Shimano Syncopate 1000FG Front Drag Freshwater Spinning Reel
  • The Syncopate spinning reel provides efficient and reliable performance at an incredibly low price
  • Featuring Quick Fire II technology allowing for super easy and fast one-handed casting which is perfect for beginners to open faced reels and a favorite of experienced anglers
  • Built in Varispeed technology provides consistent spool speeds while Dyna-Balance eliminates wobble during the retrieve by counter-balancing the rotor to enhance sensitivity and smoothness

FAQs About Shimano FXS 2 Pieces Spinning Rod

What is the weight of this fishing rod? 

The weight of the fishing rod from Shimano is only 11.2 oz.

What is the length of the rod?

The length of the rod is 8 ft.

What is the guide type of the fishing rod? 

The Shimano fxs high-end spinning rod has O ring guides in it.

What are the fore grip and rear grip length in the rod?

Foregrip and rear grip length of the item are 5” and 13” respectively


Shimano is one of the top brands in this class and each of the items are excellently configured and well crafted. It is durable and easy to handle and being made from two parts suits a variety of anglers.

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