SHIMANO IX Spinning Reel Review – The Only Fishing Reel That Can Be Used with Both Hands

Configured with excellent experience, this SHIMANO IX Spinning Reel is the only product in the store that can be used with both hands. The device has been crafted with ultimate supporting features, excellent gearing functions, perfected ball bearing casings and excellent lay-line, but the entire thing is covered under a graphite casing to reduce the ultimate weight of the device.

The device is featured with Quick Fire II technology and that makes the gear function of it much smoother than any of the devices available in the market. The self-centered line in the device has been positioned in such a way that it can be triggered at ease with a single hand.

Shimano IX Rear Drag Freshwater Spinning Reel
658 Reviews
Shimano IX Rear Drag Freshwater Spinning Reel
  • Line Capacity: 6/170, 8/120, 10/100
  • Max Drag: 7lbs
  • Gear Ratio: 4.1:1

Ease of Action 

The best part of the SHIMANO IX Fishing Reel is its outstanding performing ease. For this ease of action, the device is a favourite one to both beginners and expert anglers. There is not a single device in the entire online store, which can be triggered so easily.

This device can be triggered with only one hand and even casting can be done with pinpoint accuracy, just with one hand. Excellently engineered fishing reel, this ultimate fishing reel from Shimano can be used by both the hands and it is the only product that can be done so. 

Dragging Support Beyond Expectation 

Many times the lightweight of the device makes the experts also to believe that it has a low dragging capacity. However, the matter is not at all like that. It has a dragging ability of over 20lbs and that stuns the users, while they use this one for the first time.

More and more, this device is having an excellent smoothness in the entire function, for the perfected gear and rotor function of it. Suitable to be used both in freshwater and saltwater conditions this SHIMANO IX Reel ultimately becomes a statutory reel for all the users, as they get addicted for its engineering.

Casting at Its Best

Casting can be done here with a single hand and that too with an accuracy that you will surely find to be beyond your expectations. The distance that can be cast through the device ranges till 150 to 160 yards on an average. The best thing here is the smoothness of handling and the ultimate slippage preventing technique that has been crafted in the device.

If you go through the SHIMANO IX Spinning Reel review, you will find one common thing – the durability of the product. While some will state you about five years of usage without any trouble, others will give you a lesson that they are using it for 15 years without any halt. So, the quality of the product and ease of handling it is confirmed by the reviews straight forward. 

Lining and Reversing Function

The device is having a naturally reversing technology and if you want to stop the auto-reverse, you will have to do that manually. For smooth operation, the device is equipped with outstanding bearing sets, but it is not engineered with the rolling bearing. In terms of lining, you can well manage the line allowance with one hand.

You are allowed to do that with a single knob on the device. All the functions, although done with a single hand, the device still remains lightweight for the graphite body and the side plate covering. A hard cased device this one is good in supporting your fishing in all types of weather condition and water bodies, for the balance it maintains and for the ease of its action. 


  • The SHIMANO IX Stunning fishing Reel is such a fishing reel that can be used both in salt and freshwater condition. The body of the device is graphite made that cases in the rotor, side plates, and gears in such a way that you can put the device in the spurs, but it will experience no damage from that.
  • Easy casting with one hand and excellently smooth performance in terms of cranking make this device one of the most high-rated fishing reels in the online store. Featured with Quick Fire II tech, this device is the only device that will allow you one-handed casting support. The open face of the reels and ease in handling the device makes it a preferred item for both experienced anglers as well as beginners.
  • Rotor or spool of the device and also the side plates are all constructed with opulent measurement and in terms of quality, there is nothing to be said about the device. It is one of the highest rated devices, while longevity is considered. Still, the graphite body of the device makes it extremely lightweight and sophisticated.
  • The self-centered lay-line and the one-handed trigger will give you a grasp that is easier than anything. Only your index finger will do the thing for you, and in the process, you can use any of your hands in operation. Thus, this is the only device in the market that will give you the option to be handled by both left and right hand.


  • The device is extremely lightweight and the inner parts are very much durable, but the graphite body of the device needs a little bit of careful, to avoid breakage.
  • Being extremely lightweight the fishing reel faces issues while balancing is considered. Hence in rough weather condition, this device can give you trouble.
SHIMANO IX Spinning Reel Review – The Only Fishing Reel That Can Be Used with Both Hands

SHIMANO IX Spinning Reel

SHIMANO IX Spinning Reel Review – The Only Fishing Reel That Can Be Used with Both HandsSHIMANO IX Rear Drag Freshwater Spinning Reel

The Only Fishing Reel That Can Be Used with Both Hands

FAQs About SHIMANO IX Spinning Reel

Does the product come with a line?

No, the product is not available with a line. You will have to get it separately.

Does the device support front drag?

No, all the FX fishing reels are supportive to only rear dragging.

Is the device suitable for saltwater fishing?

Yes, the device can be used at all fishing condition.


So, you have gone through the features of the best of the best devices. This is the only device that can be accessed with both hands and that is not all, you can use a single hand for casting with this device. As you go through the SHIMANO IX Spinning Reel reviews you will find that the device is one of the top durable products in the store too. So, why are you waiting? Get this fishing reel and ease your angling.

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SHIMANO IX Spinning Reel Review – The Only Fishing Reel That Can Be Used with Both Hands

SHIMANO IX Spinning Reel Review

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