Shimano Stradic Ci4+ Reel Review


Are you an angler who is looking to upgrade their fishing reel? The Shimano Stradic Ci4+ Reel is a great choice for any fisherman. This reel features the latest technology and engineering advancements that will help you catch more fish.

While the beginners enjoy the easy-going functions of the Shimano Stradic Ci4, the experts enjoy the smooth action of the reel. But both groups of anglers appreciate the durability and lightweight nature of this fishing reel. G-free body, HAGANE gear, and core protection are some of the features make it a superb-functioning fishing reel.

This reel is one of Shimano’s catalogue of spinning reels.

2021 Update:

If you are interested in the latest and greatest Shimano technology, then have a look at the Stradic’s replacement in the Vanford. It has taken all the things you love about the Stradic and eliminated some of its very few weaknesses.

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Shimano ST1000HGFL Stradic 1000 FL Spinning Reel, Ambi, 6BB + 1RB
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Performance – 4/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Shimano Stradic Ci4+ Spinning Reel Overview

What is Ci4+?

Shimano make a big deal highlighting all of the unique technologies they have within their reels, but it can be difficult to understand whether they are important or not. So let’s explore exactly what is the Ci4+ material of the Shimano Stradic.

Ci4+ stands for Carbon Interior Fusion Technology. According to Shimano is it a “super strong yet lightweight material that stays reliable in even the most demanding situations.” It is an upgrade of the previous Ci4 – the Ci4+ is 2.5 times stiffer than the original Ci4. This allows Shimano to reduce the weight of their high end reels.

It is used in the body and rotor for its improved stiffness at lower weight.

Full Metal Casing Providing Saltwater Protection

The casing of a fishing reel is not only meant for good looks but also important when considering its durability. In the case of Shimano stradic Ci4+ professional fishing reel, the body is made of metal and fully enclosed. The sleek gearbox and the carefully developed side blades are positioned so no water can enter the reel.

Outstanding Dragging Force

Dragging force in any fishing reel is one of the major deciding factors for any angler and the Shimano Stradic ci4+ gives an exceptionally smooth drag.

There are different models in the line varying in regards to the side plates and the gear capacity. Depending on that capacity, the product gives a dragging force that ranges from 7lbs to 24 lbs. So, performance-wise, this reel can be highly rated.

Extended Gear Functions

Outstanding gear function of the reel is obtained through the use of HAGANE technology and that gives the essential boost to the Shimano Stradic Ci4+ reel .

The perfect mold and a smooth end makes casting and cranking smooth. Finally, the reel is highly rated in terms of gearing abilities also having a super-light rotor which indirectly helps the gear to function even more smoothly.

Superbly Lightweight with Excellent Built-In Strength

The Shimano Stradic Ci4+ Fishing Spinning Reel includes computerized balancing technology.

Apart from being well aligned, the core protection of the reel, excellent metal cover over the gear and the line-layout and carbon-graphite linen over the rotor and the side blades makes this reel a special one.

The strong casing makes it suitable to be used in off-shore fishing as well as in freshwater bodies and ensures excellent durability.

Bearing Function with Front Dragging Force

FX devices are usually equipped with the rear dragging feature, but this reel is also equipped with front dragging ability. The reel has 6 ball bearings all made of stainless steel and are well covered for good durability.

These bearings give the reel a smooth reversal, dragging, casting as well as cranking effect. The Shimano Stradic Ci4+ is useful in difficult conditions and the reversal function is instant.

Casting with Perfection

The Shimano Stradic ci4+ may not cast as far as others but it is the balance of the reel that makes such a difference. The perfect weight and the perfect sleek structure, with the side blades inclined inside, makes the structure of the reel such that balance is naturally maintained.

This allows anglers to standardize their accuracy while casting the lines. The lay-line protection and outstanding ability of the reel to determine the line-lay adds even more value.

Line Retrieval Ease

Line retrieval is one of the aspects that determine the smoothness of a reel and the function of its gears. The Shimano stradic ci4+ high-quality fishing reel allows the anglers to release at least 30 inches of line, in a single crank. Line release is something that will help you to react quickly while fishing for the big one at the middle of a freshwater lake.

Features and Benefits

According to the Shimano Stradic Ci4+ reviews, the special factor in the reel is in its ease of use. Beginner anglers state that they learned how to use and configure the reel without a manual. This suggests the ease of handling the product.

On the other hand, the experts comment on many things related the cranking, dragging force and casting from the device. The main problem stated is related to the accuracy of casting while a strong wind is blowing. Apart from this, there is absolutely nothing that the professional anglers complain about the device.

Both the novice and the experts review two major things – durability of the Shimano stradic ci4+ HQ fishing reel and also the smoothness in action demonstrated by the reel. Some of the users have used the reel for more than 15 years and continue to do so.


  • The Shimano Stradic CI4+has one of the strongest bodies among all the available fishing reels. It has a metal cover over the line and the dragging knob, plus a lightweight gearbox cover
  • The reel weighs only 5.6 oz, which is one of the lowest among all fishing reels
  • This fishing reel has a capability of pulling with a force that ranges from 7 to 24 lbs. depending on the model.
  • The reel has a cranking effect of 35 inches and smooth casting . The lines can be cast to a longer distance of 270 yards, ranging from 110 yards depending on the model.
  • The magnum-light rotor of the device adds more perfection in casting, a smoother effect in cranking and better force during dragging to both the beginners as well as to the expert anglers.
  • Bearings of the Shimano stradic ci4+ reel also add a better output to the reel. Smoothing effect and instant stoppage of reversing are the direct effects of the 7 bearings in the reel, but the indirect effect here is the ultimate cease of slippage in the reel.


  • The device is extremely lightweight and for this reason, during strong winds, even the anglers find it difficult to cast in the right direction.
  • Although it is stated the reel can be used in the saltwater,the Shimano Stradic CI4+ spinning reel is better in the freshwater conditions.
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Shimano Stradic Ci4+ Reel Review Video

Bestseller No. 1
Shimano ST1000HGFL Stradic 1000 FL Spinning Reel, Ambi, 6BB + 1RB
116 Reviews
Shimano ST1000HGFL Stradic 1000 FL Spinning Reel, Ambi, 6BB + 1RB
  • Shimano’s MicroModule Gear II
  • Rotational smoothness and power transfer
  • Silent Drive

Shimano Stradic vs Vanford

Shimano Vanford vs Stradic Reel

You cannot have a review of the Shimano Stradic without mentioning the Vanford. The Shimano Vanford was released as the upgrade of the Stradic, and it comes with some important new features.

Let’s start off looking at the specifications between these two excellent spinning reels. I have used the 1000 model reel for a comparison:

ModelBearingsMax Drag (LB)Gear RatioWeight (OZ)
Stradic Ci4+ 10006+16.65.0:16.7
Vanford 10007+16.65.5:16.3

The main improvement is the drag washers, which were upgraded in the vanford to carbon drag washers. This improves the durability and longevity. The Vanford also comes with an additional ball bearing and a lower weight.

The black and red styling is very similar between these two reels. To be honest, I would be perfectly happy with either of these quality Shimano reels.


What is the weight of this reel?

The weight of the reel is 5.6 oz which is one of the lightest available fishing reels .

How many bearings in this reel?

There are altogether 7 bearings, 6 of them are stainless steel ball bearings and one is a roller bearing.

How much is the maximum dragging force?

Maximum dragging force available in the device is 24 lbs.

What is the line release rate?

For every cranking 35 inches of line is retrieved.

Is the product fit to be used offshore?

Yes, the fishing reel can be used at off-shore conditions but is better for fresh water fishing.

Does the product contain an extra spool?

No, to get one, you will have to contact the Shimano customer care team.


Shimano Stradic Ci4+ Spinning Reel has a compact view, sleek look, ultimate gear and rotor function. It is a reel that is not only going to give a better-dragging force but at the same time, it is going to give you ultimate support in cranking and casting.

Accuracy, smooth functioning and sophisticated output of the reel make it highly desirable. This device is something that is not only preferred by the experts but also novice anglers. For its ease of handling, this fishing reel from Shimano, is one of the most liked items for the beginners.

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