Shimano Zodias Casting Rod Review [2021 New Release]

Planning to buy Shimano Zodias casting rods? Read this review before making a purchase decision!

Shimano Zodias casting rods are making a lot of buzz in the market. From design to performance, they have become the first choice of many anglers and other fishing enthusiasts. With that in mind, we have decided to write a full review of these Shimano rods and let you know if they’re truly worth the hype or not!

Shimano Zodias Casting Rod Review

A Quick Overview

Zodias rods are one of the best products Shimano has ever launched in the market. The design and the performance they offer at an affordable price is unbelievable.

When you first take them into your hand, you’ll realise that they are not your regular casting rods, they look very aesthetic and give you a JDM feeling. The design is simple and classic, no unnecessary use of bright colours or overboard design electeds.

By just the look of the rods, you can tell that they are very unique and high-performance. You’ll instantly get a feeling that these rods are going to take your fishing experience to another level.

There is an exposed wrapping which is called High Power X, a rod technology that not only adds a design element but serves a special purpose. The handle of this rod is sleek, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. It offers a superb grip, you don’t have to worry about it getting slipped even if you have sweaty hands.

Shimano Zodias Rods: Technical Overview

When it comes to high quality beach casting fishing rods, a majority of rod companies boast about their technical advancements and killer features. However, not every rod is what the company claims. In fact, most of these remain questionable about their specs and performance.

They clearly don’t perform according to the specs that they’ve highlighted on their packages. But this doesn’t mean you will never get a perfect casting rod, there are some companies that offer exactly what they claim with their rods. Shimano is one such company whose name is equivalent to innovation and quality.

Shimano is known for its high-quality and advanced fishing and cycling gears. Not just that, the claims of the company are backed up by solid data, it is totally worth the hype and popularity.

The best example of their innovation and technology is the Hi-Power X technology that can be seen at the wrapping of the rod. As we already said, it not only makes the rod look stunning but also serves a special function. It lowers the blank twist and allows it to work in a single plane which in turn improves its efficiency and accuracy.

Shimano Zodias Rods feature a semi-micro guide that offers a great balance between your regular guides and extremely micro guides. These semi-micro guides perform much better than their counterparts.

These rods are pretty durable, you can see them as a one-time investment, buy them once and they’ll surely last for years. The rod features great quality EVA foam that adds a nice feel to the rod handle without making it too soft and sluggish.

On the downside, Shimano’s reel seat is rigid and lightweight and transmits a lot of vibrations.

Shimano Zodias Specifications

ZDS1610HX-Fast15-10807+Tip1.30”Split AA Corkw/ Composite RingFuji AlconiteML
ZDS1610M9.6Fast110-206’10”1/4-3/41.2EVAFuji Alconite + SiC TipMedium
ZDS1610MH9.8Fast110-256’10”3/8-11.2EVAFuji Alconite + SiC TipMedium Heavy
ZDS1610ML9.4Fast18-166’10”3/16-1/21.2EVAFuji Alconite + SiC TipMedium Light
ZDS170MG10.4Moderate110-207’0”1/4-11.2EVAFuji Alconite + SiC TipMedium
ZDS170MLG10.2Moderate18-167’0”3/16-3/41.2EVAFuji Alconite + SiC TipMedium Light
ZDS172H10.3Fast112-307’2”3/8-1 1/21.2EVAFuji Alconite + SiC TipHeavy
ZDS172M9.8Fast110-207’2”1/4-3/41.2EVAFuji Alconite + SiC TipMedium
ZDS172MH10Fast110-257’2”3/8-11.2EVAFuji Alconite + SiC TipMedium Heavy
ZDS172MHG11.8Moderate110-207’2”3/8-1 1/21.2EVAFuji Alconite + SiC TipMedium Heavy
ZDS175H10.8Moderate Fast112-307’5”7/16-1 1/21.2EVAFuji Alconite + SiC TipHeavy
ZDS175MH10.4Fast110-257’5”3/8-11.2EVAFuji Alconite + SiC TipMedium Heavy
ZDS175XH11Moderate Fast114-307’5”1/2-21.2EVAFuji Alconite + SiC TipExtra Heavy
ZDS176MHG12.7Moderate110-207’6”3/8-1 1/21.2EVAFuji Alconite + SiC TipMedium Heavy
ZDS178XH11.2Moderate114-307’8”1/2-21.2EVAFuji Alconite + SiC TipExtra Heavy

Shimano Zodias Rods: How They Perform?

Coming to the most important part, the performance of Shimano Zodias Rods!

We are not talking about the performance by simply reading about its user experience. To give you a clear sense and to keep this review authentic, we have used Shimano Zodias Rods ourselves. We are happy to say that these rods perform exactly in the way we’ve expected.

Because the rod boasts about its versatility, we have tied a fresh lure every 10-12 casts to see how the rod reacts. What we found is, rod performs excellently when you keep the lure weight within the suggested ranges. But expecting it to perform smoothly after going overboard with the lure weight would be unfair.

As we discussed it above, the reel of Zodias Rods is not that great. It is rigid and lightweight and sends a lot of vibrations. Other than the reel, everything is just perfect. It comes with anti-corrosive coatings as well so you have to worry about it getting corroded.

The Fight

Now, the main deal. What fish species can you fight with Shimano Zodias Rods?

The answer is, this rod can excellently hunt down the small fish like perch, bream and redfin. You don’t have to put a lot of pressure while catching the fish. Not just the small, you can easily fight the bigger fish as well. It loads very quickly and is very sturdy to handle big fish like trout, EP, bass, bream and you name it. Although the reel is slightly flimsy, its 2500 size matches the rod pretty well. For this reason, it can easily handle heavyweight fish up 6 pounds without putting much pressure on the rod. Overall, this rod is suitable for fighting a majority of small and big fish species.

Shimano Zodias Video Review

Final Words: Are Shimano Zodias Rods Worth Investing?

The Shimano Zodias Rods are definitely a star product range from Shimano. These rods are manufactured solely by Shimano, no third-party involvement. They offer a stunning look, feel and performance that is a dream of every fishing enthusiast. The best quality of these rods is their versatility which is very rare to find in the bass fishing market. You can use it for both professional or recreational purposes, it can handle a majority of fish species without causing any inconvenience.

Shimano Zodias series is perfect for the fishing enthusiasts that are looking for a rod that performs excellently no matter what fishing techniques they’re using. The best part is, you don’t have to invest in a number of different rods, one rod will suffice all your strategies and fishing adventures.

Sure, there are some other advanced casting fishing rods in the market that feature smart technologies but for this price range Shimano Zodias Rods are truly unbeatable. They are perfect for both beginners and anglers. We highly recommended these rods for the ones who are looking for an all-rounder high-performance casting rods.

Russ Egan

Russ is an avid angler. He has fished all over the world, primarily for Saltwater game fish but also for local prize fish. Russ writes reviews for all of his fishing gear to help others achieve their own fishing goals. His favorite reel is a Shimano Tyrnos for an overhead reel or a Shimano Curado for a baitcaster. His dream is to catch a Black Marlin.

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