The Best 10 Trout Lures for Rainbow, Brown, Brook and Bull Trout

Trout are one of North America's favorite fish, and with these trout lures you will have no more trouble in catching them.

There are 11 different species of trout in North America, and they all have slightly different behaviors and habitats that mean that different lures work differently depending on the species.

This article highlights the best trout lures available on the market and why we like them. We have found 10 of the very best from the most popular trout brands around such as Trout Magnet, Mepps, and Rapala.

Best 10 Trout Lures

Best Rainbow Trout Lure - Dynamic Lures Trout Fishing Lure

The dynamic lures trout lure is one of the most popular crankbaits on the market. It has a slender design with a small front lip and multiple rattling ball bearings inside to attract the trout's attention. These are shallow lures that target 0-4 feet deep depending on the model. It is made from sturdy ABS plastic so that it won't get damaged from a hungry fish.

At this price, and with 17 different color variations, it is hard to beat. Make sure you put a few of these in your tackle box so that you can change depending on what the fish are biting. They are also available in two different sizes - 2.25" and 3".

Dynamic Lures Trout Fishing Lure | Multiple BB Chamber Inside | (2) - Size 10 Treble Hooks | For...
  • Slender, Low Profile Crankbait Design, Small Lipped
  • Slow Sinking Top Water Lure, Optimal Depth 0-2 feet, and real-life like profile
  • Multiple BB Inner Chamber design maintains balance through the water, prevents rolling and mimics real life baitfish

Best Cutthroat Trout Lure - Leland Lures Trout Magnet

Another extremely popular trout brand is the trout magnet. The shad dart head design and split tail means that the lure falls horizontally so it is still effective even when it is not being retrieved. It will flow naturally downstream so gives you more options about how to put the bait in front of the fish.

They are extremely light at 1/64 ounces and it can be jigged with tiny 1-3 inch twitches of the rod tip. You have ultimate control over the movement and behavior of this lure. So it will become more effective as you learn how to use it.

Leland Lures 87677P 1/64-Ounce Trout Magnet, Pink
  • Unique shad dart head and split tail allows the lure to fall horizontally
  • Flows naturally with the stream
  • Use constant 1-inch to 3-inch twitches of the rod tip

Best Brown Trout Lure - Mepps Spinners

Mepps are another popular lure brand for trout, and the Aglia is one of their best - we will go into more detail about the spinners in the Dolly Varden section. This recommendation if a kit of 6 different Mepps spinners. This combination gives you different spinner and skirt colors so that you can adjust your lure depending on what the fish are looking for.

They have solid brass bodies and the blades are either copper, brass, or silver/gold plated. 

These lures are hand assembled in the USA and are of a very high quality.

ON SALE $11.18 OFF
Mepps 500676#3 Aglia Assortment Dressed Basser Kit
  • Solid brass bodies
  • Spinner blades are silver or gold plated, Copper, or Polished brass
  • Beads are hand-turned on a lathe to resist chipping and cracking

Best Brook Trout Lure - Rapala Countdown

The Rapala countdown is the standard for controlled depth lures. If you want to get down to a certain depth without getting stuck in weed or structure, then this is the lure for you. It is designed to run at 7-10 feet deep.

It is made from balsa wood and is sturdy and will last for years.

There are plenty of different colors available so that you can adjust to put the perfect color in front of the hungry brook trout.

Rapala Countdown 7/16 Oz Fishing lure (Brook Trout, Size- 3.5)
  • Balsa Construction
  • Custom Swimming Action
  • Controlled Depth Technique

Best Bull Trout Lure - Rebel Lures Teeny Wee Frog

Rebel Lures make a few different designs of lures from the teeny crawfish to this teeny wee frog. There are three different models depending on the size and depth that they retrieve at. The colors are very close to realistic frog colors - we recommend finding out what your local frogs look like and trying to pick a color that is as close to them as possible.

Cast and retrieve with an erratic action to try and mimic the behavior of a real frog trying to escape a hungry bull trout.

Rebel Lures Teeny Wee Frog Fishing Lure (1 1/2-Inch, Green Bull Frog)
  • Rebel Lures A Standard of Excellence for every Fishing Occasion
  • Diving Depth: 0-2 Feet
  • Species: All Freshwater Game Fish

Best Dolly Varden Trout Lure - Aglia Spinner

The Mepps Aglia Spinner is claimed to be the world's number 1 fishing lure. I have no idea if that is true or not but it is certainly one of my favorites. They are cheap in price and available in a huge range of colors, both in the blade and the beads.

At only 1/6 ounce in weight, these are a good combination of good casting distance and robust design that won't get bent when a big Dolly Varden takes a bite on one.

There are also different sizes so you can get the exact sized lure for the fish you are targeting. Mepps have a great reputation for quality so you don't need to worry about this lure breaking or not performing.

Mepps B4 HC Aglia - Plain Trbl
  • The original French spinner
  • Extra sharp treble hook
  • World's number 1 fishing lure

Best Lake Trout Lure - Rapala Original Floating Lure

It does not matter what fish you are targeting, you should always have a Rapala Original in your tackle box, but especially for lake trout. This classic bait has proven itself under a variety of conditions for years.

Like the countdown above, the original is made from balsa wood\, and is available in different sizes and colors.

You really can't go past a rapala classic lure like this one. Ideal for beginners and experienced anglers.

Rapala Original Floater 05 Fishing Lures ( Fishing Lures (Firetiger, Size- 2)
  • Fishing Lure
  • Great for tackle Box
  • a Fishing Must for a Pro

Best Trout Lure Kit - Trout Magnet Ultimate Kit

If you want everything you need in one place, then have a look for a trout lure kit. This trout magnet contains 85 pieces including floats, fluoro leader, fishing line, hooks, and split tail bodies. This gives you a wide variety of colors so that you can play around until you find something the trout are looking for.

Like described above, the trout magnet body falls horizontally, so allows you to catch fish even when the lure is floating in a fast flowing river or sinking directly next to structure.

This comes in a good sized box that can fit in your tackle box or even fishing vest. It is made in USA from high quality plastic that won't tear when a fish strikes.

Trout Magnet Ultimate Bundle - 85 Piece Neon Grub Kit, 350 yd Trout S.O.S. Spool, 100% Fluorocarbon...
  • All you need to fish the Trout Magnet System; catches anything that swims and will out-fish any lure on the stream for trout; will not work without the right line and floats
  • Named one of the top lures of all time by Field and Stream magazine and sold all over America since 1997
  • Trout Magnet hook and body falls horizontally in the water instead of head weight like all other jigs

Best Trout Powerbait

Powerbait are a scientifically proven bait that is becoming more and more popular among trout anglers. They have a lifelike movement and are extremely versatile. Unlike hard bodied lures they also have a strong scent that attracts fish. It is claimed that fish will hold on for 18 times longer on a powerbait than a lure, so you have a lot more time to strike and land that big trout.

Berkley manufacturers have been developing powerbait varieties for 25 years and they are available in hundreds of different colors, sizes, and designs. I would encourage everyone to have a look at these, just to get an idea of how many different powerbaits there actually are! I'm sure you can find one that you will be interested in trying out.

Berkley PowerBait Floating Mice Tails
2,792 Reviews
Berkley PowerBait Floating Mice Tails
  • Combines Salmon Egg and Trout worm into one incredible bait
  • Unique shape replicates "power Mouse" rig for Trout
  • Different head and tail colors for maximum contrast in the water column

Best Trout Fly - Copper John

If you are looking for high quality, professionally made, hand tied trout flies, then check out the Copper John. Copper John are a famous fly design and are extremely lifelike in their appearance. Even if you are a beginner at fly fishing you will have success with a fly like this. 

This product comes with a pack of 12 flies - 3 each of 4 different hook sizes. And they use Mustard hooks which are the premier hook manufacturer so you don't need to worry about low quality hooks that will bend and lose that big fish.

Flies Direct BH Copper John Assortment 1 Dozen Trout Fishing Flies
  • Hand-tied by professionals who take great pride in their craftsmanship
  • Flies are tied using high quality Mustard hooks
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


That brings us to the end of our article about the best trout lures. There are plenty of other articles on the internet that also have some great lures that are available and work well with trout that might be worth reading.

We have focused on some of the most popular trout lure manufacturers around and ones that we have had success with in the past. There are literally hundreds or thousands of other lures available on the market that could work just as well. Although we can't test every lure we love going out and finding new lures. If you have any new lures that work well for you please let us know.

If you have your own favorite lure for trout then please leave a comment below so that we can all learn from your experience.

Happy fishing!

Russ Egan

Russ is an avid angler. He has fished all over the world, primarily for Saltwater game fish but also for local prize fish. Russ writes reviews for all of his fishing gear to help others achieve their own fishing goals. His favorite reel is a Shimano Tyrnos for an overhead reel or a Shimano Curado for a baitcaster. His dream is to catch a Black Marlin.

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