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About All Fishing Gears

Hello There!
Welcome to All Fishing Gears! I am very happy to know that you are interested to know more about All Fishing Gears. I am Russ Egan from behind the website. Thank you for your interest to know about All Fishing Gears.

If you love fishing, you are the right place. All Fishing Gears is the website for those people who are addicted to Fishing. In this website, I publish Fishing Guide, Fishing Tips, and information about Fishing Gears like Fishing Rods, Fishing Reels, Fishing Lines and other fishing gears.

Who Am I?

I am the person like you who have an addiction for fishing. My name is Russ Egan and I like to do what I love. Fishing is my favorite hobby. So, I like to share fishing guide and information with you and for a newbie.

Most of the people can’t take the right decision for buying a Fishing instrument, as a result, they buy the wrong instrument for fishing. I am here to help them to take the right decision to buy Fishing Gears.

Why Have I Founded All Fishing Gears?

The main motive of founding All Fishing Gears is to provide factual information to the people who want to buy Fishing Gears. Also, I want to share fishing guide and tips to the fishing lovers. Thousands of people search everyday Fishing Gears Review in the Google and the get puzzled to decide to buy right one. So, I decide to help them for taking right decision providing actual information here.

I publish informative articles about Fishing Gears, Fishing Guide and Fishing Tips and Tricks. Before publishing an article, I research and collect information from authentic sources. I honor my readers so; I never publish any unauthentic information or bias information.

Why All Fishing Gears?

All Fishing Gears is my best effort to help the fishing addicted people to have necessary fishing instruments. I am here to help you to take right decision to buy fishing gears. Also, you will get much tips and tricks for fishing. If you like Ice Fishing, Saltwater Fishing, Inshore Fishing, and Bass Fishing you should be connected with the website.

What don’t I Do?

All Fishing Gears is related to Fishing Gears like Fishing Rods, Reels, Lines and other fishing instruments. But I haven’t a factory to produce these Fishing Gears. I don’t sell them at All Fishing Gears. But, you can buy Fishing Gears from Amazon through this website.

I need Your Suggestions

I like to learn about user experience. It will help to make this website better. So, I always welcome the people who suggest me anything. I need your real feedback for developing this website. So, feel free to contact me.

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You can also ask any question, Suggest anything related to the website by contact form.